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  1. Hi guys! I've been a hospice volunteer for a little over a year now and am wondering if those hours count as direct patient care in CASPA. I am touching and holding and doing basic care for the people, much like I did in my CNA work. Does this count as direct patient care or does it go under volunteering hours, or both? Please help! Mricca1
  2. MedLib42, Thank you so much, this was really helpful!
  3. Hey everyone, I am curious to know what the lowest GPAs you have heard of being accepted are. I am trying to gauge whether or not I have a chance. As they are for just about everyone, my finances are tight and I don't know if I should wait another year to apply to raise my GPA or not. PLEASE HELP! Mricca1
  4. Thank you Allegro and MrEvan! I'm new, so it is very important that I'm getting the correct information. Thanks again for looking out. No harm no foul. I'm just not one to slip and slide under the door. I would sit here and worry forever! Haha
  5. All of the schools that I am applying to are rolling admissions so that's good to know. I was sort of leaning toward doing the same thing you did MedLib42. As for my HCE, CNA certification was just the start, but I'm glad I can still put it on there, thank you zoopeda! I've got a bit more under my belt for HCE, thank goodness. I just got back from Africa. I worked in a hospital off of the coast of Mombasa and I've been a hospice volunteer for a little over a year. I've also done small volunteering projects here and there. Thank you guys for everything! This is really helping!
  6. I will graduate from UofA In May. I have taken a few classes here and there at two different community colleges that will have contributed to earning my bachelors degree. However, I have also taken classes at those community colleges that have nothing to do with my degree or pre reqs for PA school. Do I have to list every course I've ever taken or only the classes that I have taken at the UofA and those that matter for transfer credit? For example: I took an intro algebra class my senior year of high school at a community college and got an F because I stopped going. Stupid, I know. Do those c
  7. Thanks Johnnym2! I appreciate it!
  8. Does anyone know any really great PAs in Tucson, AZ that are willing to allow shadowing?
  9. I apply April of 2015 to about 7 different school. Wish me luck! I have several questions that I'm not finding the answers to so please help. 1. Can I create a Caspa account NOW and start working on it? 2. Generally how long does it take for transcripts from school to arrive at caspa? More specifically how soon should I ask for them to be transferred? 3. I had my CNA license but it expired four years ago. Should I re certify just to have it on my application or is there somewhere that I can write "previously certified"? 4. I graduate from the University of Arizona in early May of 2015
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