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  1. Try clearing your internet cache, etc and reopening your browser. Sometimes the site stops working for me until I do this, not sure why.
  2. I'm betting on tuesday verfication for people who submitted the 23rd. Then again I'm naturally an optimistic person.
  3. Submitted July 23rd. Still waiting. Have two letters in, anyone know if not having my third letter in will delay finalization of verification? I think my letter will be in monday....
  4. My fiance and I are planning to move to Georgia soon, I was wondering if Emory showed any preference for Georgia residents?
  5. I made that post a while back, and thought no one had seen it; I went back yesterday and found several helpful responses. Didn't realize this until I posted the new topic, my mistake. There is no way you have 130+ credits in your A.A degree, it doesn't make any sense. You are likely saying you have 130+ credits alltogether, well, I have 242+ credits alltogether. It is not the same thing, my cGPA is practically immune to A's, I've calculted it. I also have an A.S degree from a private profit churning school with very low graduation rates, and very few on time graduates. Most everyone's grades w
  6. There are quite a few areas that mention accreditation, but the calculations are somewhat vague.
  7. You're being unnecessarily confrontational. I'm aware my grades were bad, however, grades were not the focal point of my previous field, creating a portfolio was. It was mentioned by our professors the first day of classes, "Just pass your courses, and work on your portfolio content". I did well afterwards, took an internship, received some job offers but eventually moved to a field I was more passionate about. You received an A.A, which is quite different; that is a degree from a regionally accredited university of which you likely have substantially less than 113 credit hours. To put this in
  8. I'm assuming their total credit gours is around 80 or so for transfer students w/ bachelor degrees, so the total cost to attend is around 85,000$?
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