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  1. https://portal.caspaonline.org/applicants2012/faq/caspaeref.pdf
  2. Thanks for the insight. I am planning to go wherever the career takes me after school, so for now I think I'll try and get by without going through the always pleasurable DMV experience.
  3. Does anyone know whether out-of-state students are required to obtain a new title and registration for their vehicles as well as driver's license while in school? It looks like most states require you to do so within 30 days of moving (no idea whether this applies to students). I would prefer to avoid the hassle, but I don't want to run into problems down the road if something happens and they realize I've been a resident for 24 months either. The timing for renewing my driver's license and registration line up perfectly with my program's start date. I figure I better address this now
  4. Thank you for the individual break down dmdpac. Its nice to hear from those with insider knowledge of Drexel. I feel somewhat ridiculous having this much trouble choosing a program, but with an $80,000 price tag, I want what every student should want; the best experience, training, and opportunities available. Your responses have been very helpful as I look to make an informed decision. I think UGoLong said it best... Thank you all for giving back
  5. Thank you all for your feedback. It means a lot to hear from a variety of backgrounds/perspectives. Many of you are very active on this forum and I thank you for providing newcomers with an unparalleled resource. I agree here, but when you have expended so much time and energy into achieving this dream and have set some of life's other incredible moments to side as a result, every day I wait seems too long. In 10 years, I know it will be trivial, but today it seems substantial. Honestly, I felt comfortable at both schools, at least as comfortable as one can get during the inter
  6. Thank you for the feedback mrwhite and EMEDPA. I think my biggest dilemma is whether or not I want to gamble and attend a program I think can prepare me well for the PANCE vs waiting 9 months to attend a program I know will. Nine months seems like an eternity to wait. I wish there was an obvious factor to push me towards one or the other (ie. tuition cost). Drexel seems like the way to go overall, but I can't seem to get past the thought I would be almost done with my didactic year before Drexel even begins. Does school reputation play any role after school?
  7. Hi all There is a strong chance I will be put into the position of choosing between two schools on opposite sides of the spectrum. One is Drexel University, one of the oldest programs in the country, and the other is a brand new program. I have assembled a partial list of Pros vs Cons for each program as well as attributes that could fit in either column. How would you choose? What factors do you feel are the most important when choosing a program? Drexel Pros PANCE Pass Rate = 97% over the past 3 years Access to a more diverse patient population Adjacent to Hahnemann Univers
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