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  1. "You have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to know which one is a prince." I have read this great article that talks about how you are destined to the perfect school that fit you. From my experience I got rejected from a school (it might be the same school as you) on my second time application for a lame excuse after I was waitlisted in that same school the previous year. I felt bad at first, but this article made sense. I was accepted to a better school with friendlier faculty and students, a great curriculum that cares about students’ success, and the cherry on top I received a scholarship. Now I say Thank God I was rejected from that other school, the program was not a good fit for me. After all I am a believe in fate :) My advise to you do not submit your TOFEL scores, if you got your B.S from the U.S. I never submitted mine. Keep the faith. article: http://www.thepalife.com/the-physician-assistant-and-the-frog-kiss-many-frogs-before-you-marry-a-toad/
  2. just had an interview yesterday. they said there are at least 3 more interview dates for January. good luck everyone. :)
  3. There is one more interview left. I think end of January :)
  4. Hi Efsalaza Tips: 1-You will be nervous like everyone else in the room but when you talk to others it will help to relax you. 2-be prepared ahead of time and make mock interviews with ur friends or family to answer the questions (some suggest to buy the book), I never read it but prepared from online suggestions 3- study for the medical terminology. I forgot some of my med.terms. :( Good luck hope this helps :)
  5. How was your interview? Hope all went well.good luck everyone :)
  6. Happy holidays and a happy new year to everyone :)
  7. Happy holidays and a happy new year to everyone :)
  8. I think it's Zachary cash, PA-c look his picture at the faculty page to confirm. Was he at the same office with Eskes?! Room 201?! Hope that helps
  9. Thank you aiviphung I was just wondering how many interviews left before they give us a call about their decision. I got an interview at another school and I was just curious :) Thanks again and good luck to the rest :)
  10. So are they done with invites? If we don't hear by now does it mean no luck?! :(
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