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  1. Hey Guys! Post a new video on my YouTube channel Travels of a PA. For those interviewing for PA school, watch as I discuss some helpful tips, personal experiences, and advice on what to expect during your interview. http://youtu.be/-cfmxWdAvd4
  2. Hey Guys! I am a PA student about to graduate this December. My husband is a Navy Doctor contemplating being stationed in Guam. I have no colleagues that have practiced internationally as a civilian PA and was curious how and who you would contact regarding jobs available in Guam for a PA. I am nervous about practicing overseas, but have no other option if my husband will be stationed there. I would love any information or contacts you may know of that I can get in touch with who have or are curently practicing in Guam or Internationally. Any feedback on experiences would be greatly appreciated. This will be my first job out of school, which is another reason I am nervous
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