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  1. All for a meeting whole you negotiated your original contract with. Tell them you want a raise and give a dollar amount. You need to have 2 #s in mind. The one you want, and the one you will settle for if they want to negotiate. It's better if you have some calling reasons why you deserve the raise, the most powerful being how much $$$ you brought into the practice last year, last quarter, or whatever. Maybe come armed with some statistics from the salary report. If asking for a COL increase it shouldn't be a big deal. But if you are hitting them hard they might call your bluff and you need an exit strategy. My most recent employer denied me a substantial raise even though I was bringing in huge profits. They countered with an insultingly low offer with stipukations attached. Fortunately I had planned for this and was able to walk out with a new job within 2 months, paying me what I'm worth.
  2. Um...I think they were referring to the QT interval. (Which I thought was a tad long)
  3. I'm not privy to wrvus as I have never worked under that model. First assist fees are generally a % of the surgical fee (I think 15%?). It is billed under the surgical cpt code for the specific procedure and billed under the 1st assistants NPI. So it should correlate or at least be easily convertible to wrvus.
  4. I had a similar issue when licensing and I chose to disclose it. It was a non-issue with the board and maybe held up the process by a month. After I disclosed I felt a thousand times better and now 5 years later I'm not worried that it will ever come back to bite me. What is an extra month when you are talking about a whole career and your peace of mind?
  5. I asked for 135k salary and they wouldn't budge. I took the job. Overall package is miles above my currant gig.
  6. Maybe just a different level of comfort given their specialty
  7. If you are concerned you should order follow up imaging such as MRI. Sounds like a reasonable concern and plan. If no abcsess or osteomyelitis then you have documented proof no need for further intervention.
  8. No kidding. I've since found another job.
  9. Salary + bonus was ~$110k
  10. No way. 2 weeks training is not training it's orientation. As 1099 you are responsible for taxes. $55/hr no way
  11. Not bad for relatively new PA with a 4 day work week and full Bennies. I would hammer out call pay and also some language for any extra call added to schedule. Should get a bonus too and make sure the benchmarks to achieve the bonus are reasonable. Also make sure to find out who is rounding in your inpatients don't DC on time. CME should be an extra week + $$
  12. Bonus is annual, and not a ton, but it's a set amount based on attainable goals not production... Which I like. Probably 18-20 patients a day
  13. Sounds like 1-2 days per week. Some admin time added into schedule as well. Thanks for the input
  14. I'm guessing the low response rate means this package is on point. Any suggestions for a counter offer?
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