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  1. Do you have a Bachelor's or prr-reqs already? There is a lot that goes into managing patient before and after the operating room. If you have a good relationship with the surgeons and anesthesiologists I would ask them about the pathology and why the patient needs surgery and what other options are for medical management. That will give you a head start on didactics
  2. Don't worry about what others are doing as long as you feel YOUR compensation is fair. You literally have nothing to gain and only expose yourself to risk and workplace politics.
  3. Likely left hand not taking to the right. Starting credentialing is a good sign the job is yours. Call your HR contact and tell them you can sign anything until a formal job offer is in place...you'll have it by the end of the day
  4. I don't really care what the general public thinks or knows.
  5. What is the hollow space youre centering on? Is that an intrauterine device?
  6. Small community hospital. Each floor has a Doc/APP who work out between themselves. Admits are all done through dedicated APP with physician oversight. This entails doing H&P, orders, med rec and management for the day and the patient will hand off to the floor team tomorrow.
  7. Outside of the HOD and this forum a lot of PAs think this is stupid. I don't have a single colleague (admittedly a small circle) who agrees with changing our title to associate. It's also meaningless until states start changing the language of statutes. So to use a similar analogy to yours, it would be like announcing that your application to be an astronaut has been accepted. Might be exciting but doesn't really mean anything at all
  8. I disagree with name change and independent practice. In my experience the patients that are confused about "assistant" will be just as confused about "associate". If an employer can't tell the difference on a job posting between physician assistant and medical assistant, that's probably a sign of a bad workplace anyways. We don't need to "keep up" with NPs because they are digging their own grave with generating thousands of suboptimal independent new grads...the pendulum will eventually swing on them. Most physicians I know trust PAs in general more than
  9. Right but OP starts they are offering a claims made policy
  10. Sounds like you will be required to purchase your own tail coverage
  11. When OR days get cancelled and they open up my clinic and schedule for patient at 8am and the second at 945. Even worse if the pattern repeats in the afternoon (2pm followed by a 345)
  12. Take a deep breath. You 100% need to talk to a lawyer, but if you are W2 I don't this is enforceable. The numbers don't even make sense to me though, at minimum you are pulling in $240k and this doesn't cover your salary? Maybe not the first year but again you could be "paying back" at least $48k/year.
  13. Orthopedic Physician Assistants are not the same as Physician Assistants
  14. As others have said just try to be a normal human being. If you've gotten as far as an interview then they know you have the skills to do the job, and they are trying to see if your personality is a good fit for the practice. The only questions I've had are typical HR "tell me a time when..." Type BS stuff. By the time you meet the clinical team it's more about where you are from and where you have been.
  15. I had an hour commute but fortunately was able to take a train so I could study, nap, or just zone out.
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