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  1. Hippopa - the easiest 50 Cat 1s ever Roschreview - 50 Cat 1s but you have to actually prove you know something
  2. I don't know what a typical RVU is worth since I've never been on that model. However a 1st assist fee is usually only 15% of the procedure reimbursement, and I'm sure you are aware that E&M codes are usually reimbursed at 85% for a PA vs physician. So as far as the "Fee modifying calculation" that sounds legit to me.
  3. You are not likely going to get this reimbursed. I would take a similar approach as above. Start the job search and when you find something promising give your current employer a chance to improve your situation and make your grievance at that point. But seriously unless you love your job I would start looking elsewhere. It will feel good to stick it to em
  4. Ask for an advance to help cover the cost your transition. Or find another job that covers reasonable expenses of doing the job they hired you for
  5. I think your gonna need to do a skills check no matter what. I did eLearning with aha and skills check with local instructor
  6. Call the hospital operater, ask for HR, then call HR and ask to speak with whoever recruits PAs.
  7. 20 patients at 4 different sites? No thank you.
  8. Sounds like a winner to me. Obvious support for a new grad, sending you t boot camp is pretty amazing. Great PTO, salary is competitive, and loan repayment is a bonus. Is this a year contract? If you can't hack the schedule take the experience and find a better job in a year or two.
  9. In my new roll I am doing a ton of H&Ps. In my previous roll these were always rolled into the global. But these are elective patients, some of whome I am reviewing consult notes on and adjusting meds (anticoags mostly, but I don a general need list cleanup in the office before the admission). I'm also ordering and reviewing labs. Rxing muporicin. Are you guys billing for these more complicated patients even though it's an H&P visit?
  10. I've never been asked about the kind of thing by employers...just need to show a diploma. Initial State licensing was another issue. What is this "permanent record" people refer too?
  11. #1 thing you can do is get another offer. It will serve several purposes. The most important of which you will have bargaining power and confidence. If you are making demands in negotiation you have to be willing to walk. It's also a not so subtle way to let them now what you're worth. And you just find a better opportunity. I went looking for another job mostly to use as a bargaining chip because my negations weren't going well...I didn't want to leave... But I ended up finding a much better position. Absolutely do not let them make you production based if you are seeing H&Ps and post ops
  12. Agreed, was gonna say the same thing
  13. All for a meeting whole you negotiated your original contract with. Tell them you want a raise and give a dollar amount. You need to have 2 #s in mind. The one you want, and the one you will settle for if they want to negotiate. It's better if you have some calling reasons why you deserve the raise, the most powerful being how much $$$ you brought into the practice last year, last quarter, or whatever. Maybe come armed with some statistics from the salary report. If asking for a COL increase it shouldn't be a big deal. But if you are hitting them hard they might call your bluff and you need an exit strategy. My most recent employer denied me a substantial raise even though I was bringing in huge profits. They countered with an insultingly low offer with stipukations attached. Fortunately I had planned for this and was able to walk out with a new job within 2 months, paying me what I'm worth.
  14. Um...I think they were referring to the QT interval. (Which I thought was a tad long)
  15. I'm not privy to wrvus as I have never worked under that model. First assist fees are generally a % of the surgical fee (I think 15%?). It is billed under the surgical cpt code for the specific procedure and billed under the 1st assistants NPI. So it should correlate or at least be easily convertible to wrvus.
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