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  1. Who will be handling billing? Are you an employee or 1099? First assist reimbursement is 15% the surgeon fee for the CPT.
  2. Hometown hospital just got first positive test. Not my employer so that's all I know. Grocery stores are insane.
  3. What are supervision requirements in Texas? Is there always a physician in the house? When I was in private practice I would tell my scheduler to never book these patients with me ever again. Now I work for a big group and I don't think that would fly, but haven't had the issue come up yet.
  4. This is a terrible offer. Recipe for disaster, burnout, and patient harm.
  5. Go to residency. Milk the urgent Care while you can and never look back
  6. I can only think of 2 positions I've seen with little to no OR time. -working for a hand surgeon --in patient Ortho at a level 1 trauma center with residents
  7. Do you mean outpatient? In my experience with 3 Ortho departments (1 private, 2 large community based systems) it is highly variable. I've never worked with residents in Ortho but I would not expect a lot of OR time with residents crawling all over the place. Maybe as a 2nd assist with total joints. If you are looking for OR time or autonomy then academic medicine might not be the place for you. I've seen PAs as strictly in-patient and trictly out-patient, but I would say the majority get at least 1 day aweek in the OR. So I'm guessing you don't have to round or do consults?
  8. I don't know when the BEST time is, buts never a BAD time. You are fortunate that you have a solid job now and can take your time looking for the ideal new opportunity. I was in the same position last year and turned down 3 offers until I found the right one over about 8 months. I agree with advice above, keep your cards close and use PTO for interviews. I did one by Skype to avoid travel and was able to back out without a wasted site visit/time off. You can use any excuse you want to avoid suspicion. Potential employers were very respectful of my discretion and 90-day notice and it wasn't until final offer was pending that I had to disclose to the current employer. And they filled my position in less than a week so I don't feel bad at all.
  9. How do you know you want to work in Ortho?
  10. I've finally was able to speak with one of our auditors. She told me I should be billing these visits. I asked her to double check and it turns out pre-op h&ps are not billable.
  11. My new gig is 3-5% of salary if hit certain documentation performance measures + SO review. ($6k?) My old place had a graduated scale of percentage of net profits anywhere from 4% to 25% depending on how much I brought in. Last year I hit the 10% mark which gave me about $9k
  12. We had an AT that was in charge of all DME including casts. Such a great resource.
  13. The only time I've seen application fees was when applying for credentials, and that has always been payed for by the department. I would never pay to apply for a job, and if they asked me to pay for credentialing, I would ask them to pay for me, or at least reimburse me.
  14. Hippopa - the easiest 50 Cat 1s ever Roschreview - 50 Cat 1s but you have to actually prove you know something
  15. I don't know what a typical RVU is worth since I've never been on that model. However a 1st assist fee is usually only 15% of the procedure reimbursement, and I'm sure you are aware that E&M codes are usually reimbursed at 85% for a PA vs physician. So as far as the "Fee modifying calculation" that sounds legit to me.
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