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  1. $110x16 patients / 8 hours = $132/hr. Seems like decent offer to me. Plus with this model (eat what you kill) you would probably have a lot of leeway with your schedule for taking time off
  2. Do you have access to your current billing to see how much you are capable of pulling in? This model can be to your advantage of you are in the 45% range. Need other details of the overall compensation package to be fair though.
  3. No need to enroll with mass health before you have a job, and even then the credentialing department will do it for you. If you are a new grad you have satisfied the CME requirements for initial licensure.
  4. Working in a surgical sociality weight and BMI play a role in assessing risks of wound healing, infection, and hardware failure. But mostly it's for meaningful use.
  5. Never forget that its HER problem not yours. Kill her with kindness.
  6. I sign these every day. You are signing that you "agree with the treatment plan". If you don't sign it they come back to you, then the emails will start, then there phone calls.
  7. That's sane advice right there. They should prorate the bonus of they come after it at all
  8. That's a brutal schedule without a lot of holidays or vacation to make up for it. Could be doable for a year or two to get some experience, but it would be a hard pass for me since I have kids.
  9. Should be reimbursed if not covered outright which is typical. I bet this was a simple oversight by someone in HR who has no idea what they are taking about
  10. I think is fantastic. Working in ortho I found if very difficult to hit 99204 because of the physical exam component. Now a new patient with really any intervention is an easy 99204. I am also now writing a SOAP note instead of 6-pages of data
  11. Last time I had access also interest in such things I was frustrated by lack of industry norms. My company was keeping 55% for overhead. My salary+costs was bringing me to about 25-30% of collections if I remember correctly. The docs were pocketing their own 45% of their own collections, + 20% of mine, which I felt was inequitable. I think 40% would be reasonable low end of % collections
  12. If they are inviting HR to the meeting they are already moving towards dismissing you. I would send out resumes now, you owe them nothing.
  13. You have 10 years experience and are asking if this is normal?
  14. Everyone got $500 across the board...except providers. Just got informed that bonuses will be paid for the year and a letter detailing payment will be coming. That's not the way I expected them to say " don't worry you're getting the 5% bonus that's in your contract" I was furloughed for 6 weeks and volunteered to come back to work in a covid unit for 4 weeks. I had to burn my vacation time before taking unemployment.
  15. Joints? Sports? Hand? I'm sure you are aware of Ortho bullets and wheeles?
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