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  1. Current student here with the STX 19 cohort. Barry shut down the STX campus permanently after Hurricane Maria, and we were all relocated to Miami. They only interviewed a handful of STX applicants from CASPA to be seated in Miami's campus. I apologize that I had to be the one to inform you guys. Best of luck with the rest of your applications!
  2. Has anyone been invited to interview off of the waitlist? Looking for some hope here..
  3. Southerngrad14, Congrats on your acceptance! I also interviewed in St. Croix 9/11. What time did you get your email?
  4. Leaving for St. Croix this morning! So incredibly excited to meet everyone interviewing! Good luck guys!
  5. Leo, I interviewed there last cycle and it was a short one on one interview followed by a round table group interview discussing ethical scenarios. There was also a tour of the school given by current students. The interview started at 8 AM and went until around 4 PM. It's just a one-time interview. Hope that helps.
  6. Not yet. According to last year's thread, invites were first sent out on 08/27 for October. Hopefully we should start to hear some news soon!
  7. Check with the schools you are interested in to see if your experience counts! Your GPA is great, if you even worked for 6 months as a CNA you'd be fine probably.
  8. MicroPA, Thank you for all of your advice! I am booking a flight today, unfortunately the only flight that works for me has 2 stops! However, I am leaving Thursday the 10th and staying until the 13th through Airbnb. I am very excited to see the island and explore! My place is very close to the school so I am trying to decide if I should rent a car or just taxi. I can't wait to meet everyone and tour the school- I'm already preparing for the interview, I want to go here so badly, I just worry about the amount of students they accept so I'm trying to keep calm!
  9. I received an interview for 2015-2016 cycle and I have at least 1000 hours, but if you don't then I don't think it's a deal breaker! If you have an excellent GPA, good LORs/statement, and have shadowed some PAs then I am sure you are still competitive. Barry says it's highly recommended to have direct patient experience, but it's not required! They are still going to consider your application. If you are just starting your BS then you have time to accumulate some direct patient hours as well! Stay positive!
  10. I received an invitation to interview as well! It's for the St. Croix campus. I chose the September 11th interview, anyone else going to be there?
  11. Thank you for your advice, I have a 4th letter of recommendation being written by an RN who is the inpatient nursing supervisor on the unit I work. This should fulfill the requirement!
  12. Good luck and congrats guys! When were you verified if you don't mind me asking?
  13. I am interested in applying to Jacksonville's Nova campus, but don't want to waste the money if my letters of recommendation don't meet their requirements. One of the LORs has to be from a healthcare professional- My old coworker who trained me is now an M2 in medical school and wrote me a LOR, would this fulfill their requirement? I would contact the school but I'm having trouble getting through to them. Thanks!
  14. It was a little over a month, it did take me two weeks to send my GRE scores after I submitted.
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