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  1. Does anyone know when the next round of interviews will be? Or how many more rounds of interviews the program will host? Not sure how many seats have already been filled.
  2. ONE40pt6, was the email that you received a blanket email that everyone should have received, or did you send an email asking for an application update and that was the response? I did not receive the email about the class being full. The only correspondence I received was back in October when I was told my application was under faculty review. Since then I have not heard anything at all.
  3. Has the program started offering interviews for wait list yet or are there still seats left in the program? I feel like the seats remaining are starting to dwindle. Congrats to everyone accepted!
  4. I know it's still early in the application process but does anyone know if faculty has denied any applicants interviews yet? My application has been under review since July... no news is good news I guess. I haven't heard anything since then. The wait is agonizing.
  5. Hi shusted, when did you receive your interview invite from ECU?
  6. Hi Labrat2PA, I'm thinking the email was sent twice because they are system generated. I know they were having some gliches in their system earlier this cycle. Hopefully you will hear something soon. Good luck!!
  7. I received the "your file is now complete email" at the end of July and again this morning.... hmmm.
  8. I submitted my secondary the first week in May. I'm thinking that too… it may just be a separate wave of emails. Did you apply to the MPAP or MPAP/MPH?
  9. Same Labrat2PA! PinkPeonies and khartma1, did you all receive the email stating that your application package was complete prior to the email stating your application was now being reviewed by PA faculty?
  10. Thanks khartma1! Has anyone else received a confirmation email since they submitted their CASPA and supplemental?
  11. Hi khartma1, was the email you received a reply to the previous email you had sent or was it a blanket email that everyone should have received? I've been keeping an eye on my email since I saw your post, but I have yet to receive anything.
  12. Hi khartma1, my CASPA application was verified May 13th. The letter that Jefferson sent was through the mail… you are correct. Hope this helps!
  13. Just wanted to start a thread for this cycle. I applied in early May and got an email last week letting me know that my application had been received. Has anyone else applied this cycle?
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