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  1. Thanks! I just calculated my current gpa and my cGPA and sGPA for all of undergrad is 2.64 and 2.71 respectively while my last 60, well actually last 70 credit hour cGPA is 3.6 and sGPA is 3.49. My overall question would be do "last 60 credit hour" schools really only look at the last 60 or is it a waste of time to apply because of my total undergrad gpa being so low my application would just be thrown out?
  2. I suppose my follow up question would be, would it increase my gpa more significantly to get a non-thesis masters in biology? It would be a safety net in my current career and it would then be considered higher level.
  3. I have been trying to calculate my caspa gpa and having a very hard time even after googling some excel spreadsheets. I have taken all of my chemistry classes and retaken some biology classes all getting A's but it is not enough to overtake my abysmal undergraduate career. Honestly my first two years I almost failed out. Now I teach AP Biology and have a very strong understanding of science but it doesn't seem realistic to retake upwards of 5 classes for barely a change in gpa. Does anybody have any advice? I have low 3.0's (I am going to see if I can calculate tomorrow at work) for both gpa's
  4. Everything I have read/researched leads me to believe that PA is the right profession for me. My sister in law in a nurse going to NP school and my husband works with both an NP and a PA. That PA told me that NP is the way to go because they get more respect and are pushing for all NPs to be a doctorate. These conversations plus the negative people who say PA is staying stagnant while other mid-level providers are still changing with the medical times, so to speak, has left me thinking that even though I still feel PA is for me that maybe I should pursue NP because of the future career out
  5. Hey all, I have an undergraduate biology degree and currently teach AP Biology. The way my program was set up I never had to take chemistry or math so I am slowly but surely taking 2 classes per semester to get my 2 math classes to take my 2 sections of chemistry and biochem. That being said, by the end of this I believe my intro biology courses will be over 5 years old. Considering I have literally taught college biology would this be an issue when applying? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your response! I thought about scribing but I work as a teacher full time and most scribes have to work full time so my only option really is weekends, summers, and prn.
  7. I am currently a teacher and as such have spent most of my life either in school or teaching in a school. I've worked a few retail jobs but other than that I am a little lost as how to go about finding a job outside of an educational setting or just walking into a retail store and applying. How do you go about finding a job as say a CNA, or volunteering at a physical therapy office? I look at websites like indeed and it seems to be slim pickings but I always hear of people getting jobs at physical therapy offices, etc.
  8. I was wondering if there are any shadowing opportunities in the Charleston area. Thank you for your time!
  9. A spreadsheet is a great idea. I have it all written down hard-copy but as the schools I'm interested in change periodically I should do it electronically.
  10. I have a B.S. in science but never took my Chemistry classes so am at my local community college finishing those. My local college offers an organic chemistry course without a lab *specifically* tailored towards pre-pa for MUSC. I plan on applying to most of my schools out of state along with MUSC. My question is, would most programs take organic chemistry without a lab as the orgo pre-req? Thanks!
  11. Thanks so much everybody! I guess PRN really is my only option but hopefully I will be able to find a job! The main thing is doing my pre-reqs I didn't get during undergrad during the school year and then working PRN the next year and hopefully I'll have everything done within 2 years. Thanks again.
  12. Does anybody have any advice on getting HCE while also working a different full time job? I've been looking for blogs of other PA journeys but most of them seem to be from people having worked in hospitals during college then going straight to PA school. I am a high school biology teacher so I have the luxury of summers off but I'm sure that would take years to get all my HCE in if I only worked in summers, plus I'm not sure who would hire me for only two months at a time. I am really just looking for advice, similar stories, or anything of the like. Thank you! P.S. This summer I'm
  13. I know I shouldn't be doing anything autonomously and I am not. Thanks though!
  14. No I am not certified. I just help as sort of an apprentice/assistant. Kind of similar to shadowing but hands on.
  15. I am an anatomy teacher and also a coach. I frequently help the AT at my school tape ankles, figure out if students have pulled muscle, knee injuries, refer students to specialists if its serious, etc. If I put this down as assisting/shadowing can it count towards pre-pa hours? I know it can't hurt and I could still use it in my essay/personal experience but not sure if it can count towards hours as well? Thank you!
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