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  1. Hmm, received my 2nd "Still in Review" email today, do you guys know if it's more like a "waitlist for interview" kind of status or if I might actually have a chance for an interview? Thanks!
  2. Just turned down my interview invite, hope this helps everyone else! CASPA submitted: 6/29, Supplemental App Invite: 9/6, TUC File Complete email: 9/17, Interview invite email: 10/19 for 11/6 interview, but I unfortunately could not make that date, and was told the next interview date will be 11/27
  3. I was accepted from the 10/15 interview!!! The email was sent @ 7:20am this morning and was actually in my Spam folder, so be sure to check your Spam folders! The sender is GraduateAdmission
  4. Same here! My app was complete 7/11
  5. Admitted, but also gave up my seat...! It was a tough choice but hope this helps people on the waitlist! Reasons are similar to graceandglory's!
  6. MCB102

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    Same! Thanks @sdprepa16 for the update! I just checked the portal today and received an interview invite too! Will be there November 12th too ? I also applied in July.
  7. Same! I am also from California! ?
  8. Haven't heard anything yet! I also saw on the website there is a supplemental application due 9/1, did anyone receive that yet? Does everyone get a supplemental or only some people?

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