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  1. Hmm, received my 2nd "Still in Review" email today, do you guys know if it's more like a "waitlist for interview" kind of status or if I might actually have a chance for an interview? Thanks!
  2. Just turned down my interview invite, hope this helps everyone else! CASPA submitted: 6/29, Supplemental App Invite: 9/6, TUC File Complete email: 9/17, Interview invite email: 10/19 for 11/6 interview, but I unfortunately could not make that date, and was told the next interview date will be 11/27
  3. I was accepted from the 10/15 interview!!! The email was sent @ 7:20am this morning and was actually in my Spam folder, so be sure to check your Spam folders! The sender is GraduateAdmission
  4. Admitted, but also gave up my seat...! It was a tough choice but hope this helps people on the waitlist! Reasons are similar to graceandglory's!
  5. Same! Thanks @sdprepa16 for the update! I just checked the portal today and received an interview invite too! Will be there November 12th too ? I also applied in July.
  6. Haven't heard anything yet! I also saw on the website there is a supplemental application due 9/1, did anyone receive that yet? Does everyone get a supplemental or only some people?
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