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  1. Hello all, my hospital is under new administration and we're beginning new contract negotiations. We are trying to get input on compensation packages as it's been a while since we've negotiated a completely new contract. If anyone would be able to share details such as salary, days per month work, cme stipend and PTO and what state you practice in that would be extremely helpful to our group. Thank you in advance!
  2. The elderly woman spoke softly, but her voice carried a tone of excitement as she told me how her husband should be returning from his deployment in Germany any day now. She eagerly told me of his many harrowing acts of bravery as a fighter pilot, and how she impatiently anticipated his letters, although they were few and far between. Her voice wavered as she expressed her concern that he may never make it home, and so many before him had not. She touched my hand so gently that I barely felt her hand on mine, and asked me with a concerned voice when I would be returning from combat with her
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