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  1. Yep and is great that you know what YOU can contribute to the program wink wink ????
  2. I'm not to worried... they are the oldest program in MD and I doubt they will lose their accreditation. I spoke to someone who graduated from the program and he told me that Goble is new and that he is very thorough so hopefully he will straighten out whatever was going on :) ....But I guess it is a bit of a gamble. ... Howard was in probation too and they got it back so there's hope :)
  3. Hi everyone! Congratulations to all accepted! !! Woohooo!!! If you guys want me to add you to the Facebook Group add me as a friend Nadi Roro :)
  4. OK I created it is Towson/CCBC Physician Assistant Class 2017
  5. Happy hour!!! ???? let's start a Facebook page so we can get connected! Go PA class 2017!!! Who hoo
  6. I got an acceptance email today too! !!! SO EXCITED! !! Congrats #aesposito925 ! Were you in the 8 o'clock group too? Maybe they are sending the emails by interview group? Good luck everyone!
  7. How are you guys feeling? ? Every time I hear my phone beeping my heart goes to my throat lol
  8. Yep me too! I'm not worried at all ... it looks like they are addressing all the issues :)
  9. Yeah everyone was so nice! Let's hope we all get in!!!! Good luck everyone! :)
  10. What time do you guys have your interviews? Mine is at 8AM. How is everyone preparing? ?
  11. Good luck to you too!! I wonder how many people are interviewing! I'm so excited too!
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