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  1. Comments from IPAP Graduates. How do you feel about your alma mater?
  2. If you really could not get labs within a day or two, use agents that don't require renal dosing and cover common pathogens causing sinusitis, perhaps doxy or clinda? This is your responsibility as a provider.
  3. An e-mail went out today assuring those on the wait list are being looked at and that they have offered seats to some of them.
  4. I have heard this is a great program and saw their link is open in CASPA! Website is now up and running. http://www.usj.edu/academics/schools/school-of-health-natural-sciences/physician-assistant/
  5. teenyfish. Call the program. They offer one on one visits.
  6. The next open house is April 9th according to their Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/Bryant-University-Physician-Assistant-Program-574629355990510/?ref=bookmarks
  7. Sazerac, the people who are waitlisted without an interview are waitlisted for an interview. You were already interviewed and are on a waitlist for acceptance. You are not in the same position.
  8. I guess my question would be; what if your found out that you were next on the waiting list for your dream school, and someone took that seat and left several days after starting and you did not get in there or elsewhere. PA school applications are extremely competitive and schools receive 100's to 1000s of applications. By your actions, and the domino effect, you could eliminate several people from being accepted. If school B is really your dream school, contact school A and tell them that you are giving up your seat in hopes of acceptance elsewhere. That, or going to school A and sticking it our are the only fair options.
  9. @amdempsey, thanks for the update! How is your experience so far?
  10. I understand the final interview is completed. Has anyone from the waitlist been notified?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Bryant-University-Physician-Assistant-Program-574629355990510/
  12. How many people are going to the October 29th interview?
  13. Bryant's CASPA cycle has closed. E-mails went out today stating that they were no longer accepting new applicants.
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