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  1. Thanks for the info! Yes lots to consider and take in to account. @mooko12 did you change your maiden name to your middle name? Everyone I’ve talked to personally has not done it. It’s encouraging to hear it’s actually possible haha
  2. If anyone changed their last name after practicing as a PA-C (license, DEA, NPI, etc), please share your experience and tips/advice!!
  3. Same! Longest 7 days ever.
  4. I took my PANCE 5/14/18 and just wanted to follow when everyone was getting results for those that took it in May. I’ve been following some forums but the most recent about this was a couple months ago. Good luck everyone! It’s an anxious wait.
  5. Also congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet you all!
  6. You have to send all your official transcripts straight to bethel as well.
  7. I was accepted! I interviewed in the June 20 group. And was accepted June 22!
  8. Dear paadmissions, As the 2014-2015 application cycle is ending, and I have still not had any interviews or acceptance, I'm coming to terms that I will have to reapply this upcoming cycle. I was wondering how schools react if you reapply to them, because I know you have to mark that on your CASPA app. Could you list the pros and cons of reapplying to a school, from a schools point of view. Thank you so much for your time.
  9. People that got invited to the Feb 20th interview could you post a few stats please? Like GPA, GRE, HC hours... Also congrats and good luck!
  10. I'm pretty sure they say 2-4 weeks for you to get the official score report, and then another 1-2 weeks for the school to receive them in my experience. I've taken it twice and have gotten the score report in 2 weeks, but then it took another 2 weeks for the school to send me conformation that they received my scores.
  11. We actually sorted it out through email and I'm all good!
  12. GPA: 3.28 GRE: 1st-301, 2nd-308 Direct Patient Care: 1,556 and counting Health Care Shadowing: Shadowed ortho PA and observed 17 surgeries - 196 hours TxCC PA - 25 hours Fam med MD/ARNP - 15 hours I'm also a licensed Athletic trainer, and have my EMT-B cert. Unfortunately I think I jumped the gun on this school, and my psych prereqs may not count... I applied to 7 schools in May then this one in Nov, been denied 2 so far and no interview invites. It has been an agonizing wait to say the least.
  13. I just submitted CASPA today, 11/4! I applied to other schools back in May and was/am pretty discouraged so I looked at other schools and this one caught my eye since next year will be the first class! Hope some good news finally comes my way!
  14. Denied as well.. Have to admit I'm relieved to not have to WAIT to hear anymore, even though it was bad news. Six months of nothing really takes a toll!
  15. I got it too, when I started reading I got real nervous thinking I was denied! Glad it's nothing more... We should find out either way early November they said
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