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  1. I think the initial post was for the 3+2 programs - I don't think you'll get feedback here for the grad program admissions on these 3 schools.
  2. Look at the 3 schools on google maps - St. Francis is VERY rural - some may like, other not. Kings/Gannon are in cities. Erie is a whole lot bigger than Wilkesburry, Kings is a very established program. The person I know who was accepted likely isn't going because of their preference not to be in an urban setting. Seems like they have recently set up new facilities, which seem quite nice.
  3. Ricristy - the 3+2 programs that you are applying to are more common in Pennsylvania and New York, but seem uncommon (or just starting to form) elsewhere. If you applied to 12 - I assume many/most were in this area. It looks like many of the commenters here are confused, thinking you are applying direct to a Masters program, not understanding how the 3+2 works. Whether some agree that there should be these 3+2 programs is a different matter that should be debated elsewhere (although it may be useful to hear there concerns, don't feel as if it is directed at you). Go to an open house and ask specific questions in the PA presentation. Go on an individual tour and ask the admissions counselor.
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