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  1. At my program, we have prosected cadavers because we share with another local PA program on their campus. The other program dissected the cadavers because they started about a month before we did, and at first it seemed a little disappointing since I was prepared to be doing it myself. However, I feel that it truly made the best use of my time in going through the cadavers. I really don't think that by not doing the dissection I have any less of an understanding of how things work together/where they are located just because I didn't dissect them out. It was also really interesting to know the differences in some of the cadavers that were discovered through the dissection process that our professor was already able to point out ahead of time for us to look at. We also have pretty much 24/7 access to the lab which I think is a huge bonus to be able to go in on our own time.
  2. Same thing here! My CASPA was verified June 30th - only thing I have gotten is a confirmation of my prerequisite plan in the mail (what I have completed and the 2 classes that I am working on now).
  3. My CASPA was verified on June 30th and my supplemental was submitted on September 5th.
  4. I haven't heard anything since they called me over two weeks ago to confirm grades from pre-reqs that I completed this past summer after I submitted my application. They wanted to know if I was still interested, and that the grade confirmation was needed for their final decision on my application. Was hoping it was a good sign, but now I'm not sure!
  5. Just got a denial via email. Good luck to everyone else!
  6. I second what samstelmack said! I have been working as a physical therapy tech at a practice owned by a DPT since August and the schools I applied to do accept it as HCE. It does not require any certification and I was trained on the job by an experienced tech. Based on how my job is set up, it's a great way to get one-on-one experience with patients. I also have other responsibilities such as contacting insurance companies and other clerical work.
  7. I really want to, I'm from Pennsylvania so the drive isn't terrible but I think it said it doesn't start until 5pm? Unfortunately I would have work early the next morning, and I'm trying to reserve any days off for interviews :/
  8. Thanks so much for the insight, and congratulations on your acceptance!
  9. Hey guys!! Just got an interview invite for November 20th. The email said something about an interactive activity with two other candidates - any advice?
  10. You definitely still have time in my opinion! They probably have a large influx of applications right around now. I just got a call last week from them confirming my grades for summer classes that I took and that my application is up for its final review if I am offered an interview or not (fingers crossed!) So it's just a very long waiting game. Hang in there!
  11. When was your application verified? My application was verified on June 30th and I didn't receive the supplemental until September 5th! My impression was they sent supplementals as they made their way through the applications chronologically as they were submitted. Hope this helps, and best of luck! :)
  12. I also got the email, but I haven't heard anything else besides my confirmation email before that.
  13. Just got the letter today I've been wait listed (bummer...but I figured as much once I didn't get the call!) Best of luck to everyone accepted or waiting to hear back :)
  14. Hey guys! To anyone already accepted - were any of you granted conditional acceptance, or did you have all of your hours/prerequisites completed at the time of your interview?
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