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  1. Stanford University School of Medicine PCAP c/o 2017

  2. Stanford University School of Medicine PCAP c/o 2017

  3. Stanford University School of Medicine PCAP c/o 2017

  4. @coolinator I would not call or email anyone, my advice is to be patient and just trust the process. Good luck!
  5. Just wanted to wish everyone that applied this process the best of luck! I am a current student in the program and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me.
  6. I believe that your grades are right on point. The only thing that you could work on is more HCE hours ????
  7. Hey Alison, the group is a closed group and only members can see the post ????. Hope that helps! Also anyone can find the group and see who is in it.
  8. Wow congrats Medic2_PA!!! I also got a call today! Message me so we can exchange numbers and get ready!!!
  9. Hi Jamiryan, I suggest that if you are within driving distance to any of the community based information sessions that you should go. Here is the link so you can plan on attending one. Hope that helps... http://pcap.stanford.edu/admissions/information_sessions.html
  10. Congrats on all that interviewed and let the odds be in your favor!
  11. Got my letter today, and I'm also in Southern Cali!
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