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  1. Hello Everyone, I was recently offered a Psychiatry Position (Outpatient) The Contract doesn't appear very good, even though this is actually my dream job... 77,000 starting salary , will increase by 3,000 every year, and the contract is for three years. Pros: On the job training looks very good, will start off with shadowing then work from 5-6 patients and increase as the time goes by. Will get to do Initial evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan and follow-ups right off the first few months. 80 hours PTO (no roll-overs) Cons: 3 CME for 500, only base salary, must meet certain number of patients per month after 1 year period. Have to sign non-compete clause The Job appears good for on the Job training and experience but the overall contract isn't that great, what do you think? I also tried to negotiate but they won't budge.
  2. Did anyone here recently take the NRCME course,and if so, can you PLEASE recommend a particular institute that offers good, over all NRCME training online. I have found one website ( nrcmetraininginstitute.com ) but they charge 350 USD, and offer only 500 practice questions. Is there another online institute you would recommend, or should I stick to this one? If possible, please recommend ANY study tips, and resources for this particular examination, thank you very much in advance.
  3. Thank you for answering my question, If it's possible, can you please list the questions you were asked and how did you answer it? I would really, appreciate it!

  4. Hello Everyone, I recently Graduated from a PA program, and I will start looking for Jobs once I head back to my state. One of my current problem is, I have never been involved in an "official Job Interview". The Position I worked for getting into PA program was through Family Member. I have tried googling for potential Q's and A's for New PA graduate but all I keep seeing is Q's and A's for getting into PA school. Can someone post potential questions that you were asked while you were hunting for your First PA Job position. If you have any kind of Links (that give examples of common Interview questions for new graduate PA), can you also post them here or Private message it to me? I have heard that I should also have couple of "cases" I was involved, and be ready to share them. What kind of cases or situations do HR manager love to ask? For example, one might be "a situation where I disagreed with my preceptor" etc. ANY help would be appreciated.
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