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  1. I'm am licensed in Pennsylvania. I am, theoretically, looking to move to another state. Either Washington, Oregon, Colorado, or Montana. The hubby is still trying to find a job as he has a rather specific degree. What is the process of getting a new license in another state? Do I have to do everything as if I am fresh out of school or is there an easier way to go about things? Thank you!
  2. Congratulations! I am similiar to RTtoPA. I'm originally from a suburb of Harrisburg and I am very familiar with the area and that is why I chose Harrisburg. I pretty much second the post above me. Main campus would give you more of a college feel while the others are either in remote areas (I think Coudersport and Clearfield are both like that), while Harrisburg is more urban. The classrooms have the same technology and offerings throughout the campuses.
  3. I got the same call back in August when I was accepted...tomorrow is going to feel like forever to you!
  4. From someone who is currently working through her gap year, I can share my experience with you. I played a collegiate sport in college and did not have time to hold a job, go to school, and play. I decided to take a year off because I needed HCE and wanted to work/save up money for school. Since you have two more years left, you have tons of time! I agree, relevant coursework is going to look great. I wish I would have had another year to take classes like immunology or embyrology. Since most schools require a large amount of HCE, I would focus on building up your hours as much as possible. Do you have a job right now that allows you to give hands on care to patients? If you can't work during school, volunteering during summer breaks is also beneficial. Since I was free in the summer, I volunteered at a local hospital in the OR and ER transporting patients, observing surgeries, etc. Shadowing PAs is also something you can start to do! Try to shadow as many different specialities as you can! Showing PA schools that you're into a lot of activities and active in your community definitely cannot hurt. As for school, focus on getting the best grades you can (that should be pretty obvious). and if you have any thoughts about what particular PA schools you would like to attend, research them and see what letter grades they require. Clearly you want to shoot for A's in every class possible but don't freak out if you get a B or even a C. I applied with a 3.67, which is a solid GPA, but is on the average/lower end when applying to PA school. All of my biological science classes were A/A-'s while I received mostly B's in my chemistry courses. I applied to 8 schools, received 5 interview offers, and was accepted to my first two interviews. I actually cancelled 3 because I figured I wouldn't choose them over the two I had already been accepted into. It just goes to show you that you do not need a 4.0 or 10,000 hours of HCE to get into a PA school. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do until the beginning of my junior year and I just worked my butt off and did everything in my power to make my application as strong as possible. Getting the interview and standing out on paper is the hardest part... the interview lets the PA school see who you really are. Don't stress out about it too much yet because you still have a decent amount of time! I think that gap years can't really hurt, especially if you are a little worried about your GPA/classes/HCE. Anyways, that was a book. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about anything and good luck with the rest of your undergrad!
  5. When I interviewed, they said that a majority of the people were going to get an email about hearing back in December with only a couple getting acceptances immediately! I was one of the lucky few but technically you are not waitlisted! Good luck!
  6. I heard back around a week after! No phone call but a package in the mail.
  7. Congratulations!! You too Duff! Do either of you remember what they said about the merit scholarships? They said if we get one it would come with our acceptance letter, correct?
  8. Received my letter today..accepted!
  9. Not yet and I'm only about an hour away.
  10. Ohh, okay! Well good luck with everything else! :)
  11. I'm sure you will! When did you interview, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Hey, at least its not a no! Did you get something in the mail?
  13. As long as you're before their deadline you should be okay. They are a rolling based admissions so the earlier the better but not all hope is lost! It just may be more competitive since there will probably be less seats. Don't let that deter you though!
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