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  1. Hi- I happened to come across this question bc it’s a very reasonable question or pursuit to combine PA Medicine experience and pharmaceutical experience. There’s not many of us. I am similar in your situation @schrecky . I am currently working in emergency medicine for the past 2.5 yrs now as a PA, worked in pharmaceuticals for more than 15 years prior to that. Currently I enjoy the patient care opportunities and working in ED enough to stay and not switch specialties- (derm(?))Haven’t burned out to that point yet. Definitely a change of pace than the routine pharma job. One thing I know for sure though is I am not retiring in EM and working these crazy hours. For this reason I have thought the same as you- whether there are positions out there that combine our roles. Only thing I have come up with are research type positions in the industry or in sales training.
  2. Hi future Class of 2018!!! So excited for all of you that are getting their acceptances!! It brings back memories of how ecstatic I was as well last year. Congratulations!! I look forward to meeting many of you soon. For those that haven't heard- don't worry they send the acceptances in waves and there is still hope! Good luck to those of you still waiting!
  3. Hi Everyone!!! I am part of 2017 and am Soo excited to meet some of you next week during your interviews!!! Congratulations to those that received an invitation. You have made it this far and that is an accomplishment in itself! Just wanted to wish everyone goodluck during your interviews, and if you have any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to ask us during your visit. Thinking back to last year... I definitely thought that this was the best part of the interview. I will be more than happy to share my thoughts if you are there on Sat morning. Best wishes!
  4. Hi everyone- After a lot of research I just wanted to suggest that if people were interested in joining the MPA 2017 FB page it's best to create a brand new FB site for yourself and then join...(especially if you're like me and am not ready to post your acceptance on your personal FB site. I have coworkers I'm connected to that don't know I'm leaving yet....). Anyways what happens is even if you "hide" your groups on your personal page so your friends can't view what groups you've joined (including closed groups like this one) it still shows up on a "feed". FB does this thing where they make "suggestions" of groups to join. It is similar to how they make "suggestions" for friends you may know. I found that it will make suggestions to your friends list to join the MPA 2017 group if you actually join. They will see that you are a member of the group. So best thing to do if you want to meet others in our class through that FB site is to create a brand new FB site for yourself and join. This may not be a big deal to most, but hope this helps those that had questions about the anonymity of it! Look forward to meeting everyone in Jan.
  5. PAplease17- I am on the same page as you with the FB.... Only BC I have coworkers on my page too that I am not ready to tell yet. Someone mentioned to me that closed groups will not come up for others to see, but I am going to try and see if I can figure it out too. Peasandthankyou- I'm also from the DC area!! We should definitely meet!
  6. So excited!!!! I received my email earlier and got in as well. My heart skipped a beat when I saw who the email was from! Congratulations everyone! Can't wait to meet everyone and start this next chapter in life with you guys!
  7. Goodluck everyone on their interviews this weekend! I am so grateful along with all of you regarding this opportunity to interview for the next class! It's been such a long process to get here, and soon we will all find out. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone that will be there for the Sat morning interview, as well as the meet and greet event afterwards. Unfortunately I won't be in town for the Yardhouse get together, but it sounds like it will be a great time. Best Wishes!
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