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  1. I'm not sure if this is still accurate.. But the program had the available slots cut in half back in 2014. I was told that from an instructor at IPAP while I was going through pre-mob. PAsoldier... Correct me if I'm wrong, but a large barrier is also whether your state will pay for you to go through the school in the Guard. For instance.. states with poorly funded National Guards would be less likely to send someone through the program.
  2. St. Charles came under new leadership this past year, so I believe that may be some of it. ER/ICU RN's were able to become NP's while still being employed by St. Charles, so that certainly led to NP's owning the ER for a while. Gotta love those online programs eh? ;)
  3. Not too long ago honestly. Within the last year they've transitioned from fast-track to being actual ED providers. We don't have a single NP in our ER after our last one left last year. We have 5 PA's that I can think of at the top of my head. There's several on call as well. I personally know we have a new grad ER PA.
  4. St. Charles Health System is the only hospital system in Central Oregon. St. Charles is big on having PA's as Hospitalists and ER mid-levels. BMC and Mosaic are also two large clinics in the area to look at. PA's in Central Oregon usually have a fairly easy time finding a job, even as a new-grad. There's many NP's, but most of the clinics/hospital systems prefer PA's for anything other than FP and UC. I'm an ER Tech at St. Charles.. I'll try to find out more info in those specific specialties you listed after I come back from vacation.
  5. I would agree with the "difficulty" of juggling military and academics. I tried to do both, and as a result my GPA suffered. I'll be trying to make up for it in the fall. Programs are starting to look less at the overall candidate and more at just your GPA. While GPA is important, I know people with 4.0 GPA's in biology who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. For me personally, I had a great scope of practice while in Afghanistan (2 months ago). I was seeing my own patients/diagnosing/prescribing with a PA co-signature (who usually didn't see the patient). It's difficult for me to come back to an EMT-B scope of practice for the next 6 years. That's why I'm leaning towards the nursing/NP route, which will allow me to get a better scope of practice in a shorter time. We all appreciate what you're doing!
  6. For no controlled substances to spouse/friends..What happens in a rural environment? I assume it's generally the common sense rule. I know a NP who is the sole provider at a clinic, which is over an hour away from any other medical facility. I'd imagine he sees friends/family often.
  7. Many of the physicians I talk to believe the person as a whole is more important than the initials/professional title by their name. It's similar to the MD/DO debate. You can be a great provider with either route.
  8. Sounds good to me. My CAV platoon will have no problem making this policy.
  9. Central Oregon has pretty nice weather comparatively.. Just less jobs.
  10. I'm surprised Portland is pioneering a program like this. Several medics I know just go back to school to become nurses.
  11. Are they attempting to do something similar to what community paramedics are doing? Many other countries have positions such as Paramedic Practitioners, so it's not a new concept. 400 hours is a very short course to be considered a "mid-level" though. Do you have any additional information on the program?
  12. Not to disappoint you.. But IPAP has had their funding severely cut this year in terms of how many available spots. My suggestion is to try to get civilian certifications while in the military. What the other 68W suggested is also a good idea (Getting your nursing).
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