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  1. A bit of a late reply, but I was pulled from the weight list sometime in late March to mid April. I believe someone was informed as late as one to two months before our program started (Mid-June). It's possible, but it's hard to tell if the wait list will move at all.
  2. Classes just ended for us first years yesterday, and there's a three day respite for the faculty before the break. They may be sending things out now, though we're not really overtly privy to the application process beyond what you'd expect. I do recall getting my wait-list letter around this time last year though. For those that will be wait listed and want to attend UF: I was pulled off the wait list in late March-ish (early April?) and offered a seat. Keep in mind it does happen.
  3. I waited to complete genetics before I sent out my applications, so as a result I sent them out in the second or third week of May. I still got an interview at nearly every school (and obviously into UF). I would say which pre requisites you're talking about specifically, and when you'll complete them. I see you mentioned a summer semester, so if it's the difference between April and July rather than say April and mid-May you might want to go ahead and submit them. Couldn't hurt to follow-up with an email letting them know.
  4. All nova's share more or less the same interview format which doesn't change much. There's a short essay, tour of the facilities, group interview, then individual interview.
  5. While I was not, currently there are 2-3 students that were admitted their senior years without a gap year.
  6. It's a letter by mail. I remember it taking (or seeming to take) 5/6 business days to get to me. They ussually send things the next day or the day after that because if I'm not mistaken the university mail comes early (9am-10am?). I think I was called on a Tuesday and my got letter next Monday, but I may be mistaken.
  7. No surprise guest appearance? Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  8. That must be new. I just used an online discount hotel site (Kayak?). I brought my car so I can't comment on uber. Most of the hotels are very close, but unfortunately separated by a very busy road and highway that you don't want to dash across.
  9. Not to be too cynical but I think SBU only interviews roughly 2.25 times their class size. As some interviews have gone out (most people are lurkers on this site and don't participate) and there are other applications to review your chances are obviously signifigantly lower. That's not to say that it's impossible but if finances are a concern over time / cycle you might find it prudent to submit April of next year. Totally your call though. I would review past years and see when people submitted theirs. I myself submitted last cycle at the end of May. Just my two cents. Do your own research though and in the end do what's right for you based on your own situtation.
  10. Kind-of-sort-of across the street (highway) there's a whole bunch of hotels adjacent to a big plaza with lots of food options (Mostly fast like Starbucks, Whattaburger, Zaxby's, etc). I stayed in the La Quinta and RedRoof there, but there's also a Holiday Inn if you have a bigger budget.
  11. There might be a delay because of the break some of the staff may be on until the end of next week. Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  12. What woodsters said held true for last year. You get a call about the invite, then are asked if a certain date is good, and after that will recieve a letter with more detailed information.
  13. Getting hosed with fees seems to be a rite of passage now. Just hope you don't end up making a 500-1000 dollar "donation" to another institution before hearing from UF.
  14. Yes, it's written on their requirement page. Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
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