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  1. Hi PA Admissions Director, I am planning to go back for a second degree, which would be around 60 units to complete. My cGPA could be raised slightly above a 3.3. My sGPA may be around a 3.5. Would you recommed this?
  2. Here is a list of other schools that offer undergraduate courses online: http://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/bachelors/rankings
  3. Does anyone have information on good reads about the PA profession?
  4. @paadmissions, thanks for responding back. I am going to talk with schools tomorrow before moving forward.
  5. Hi PA Admissions Director, are you wililng to look over the following stats? Red flags on my PA application I currently have a GPA that is slightly above 3.0 on my CASPA. I previously withdrew from a nursing program. I also failed out of another nursing program. Things I plan to do for admissions I am planning to take about 24 credit of science courses, which will raise my GPA slightly above 3.10, I may even retake some of my courses to raise my GPA slightly above 3.20 I am planning to do work as a CNA to fulfill HCE experience I plan to take the GRE I also plan to shadow PAs and MDs If I were to consider admissions into a PA program, then what else should I do to strengthen my application? Do you think I would have a good chance?
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