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  1. Yeah, that's what I meant, I just changed it. So the group uses an occurrence based plan. When it was explained to me, I understood it as it does not matter when the malpractice claim is submitted but I will be covered if it occurred while I was working. So I was told I do not need tail coverage due to this type of plan
  2. There is no bonus, at least for the first year. When i asked, they said that they might begin to implement it next year. From what I know, its 40 hours a week. Obviously it might be some hours over that but when i spoke with the other PAs they said their weeks are usually 40 hours. Thanks for the reply
  3. The position would be working with 4 surgeons (5 come next year) in South Carolina, 40 hours a week. Call is 1:5. I would be working in total joints, hand/upper ext, trauma and sports. 50/50 split between office and OR. 104k annually 5k sign on bonus 5k relocation 5 days CME with $2500 PTO: 6.15 hrs/ 2 weeks 401k matched at 3% Full benefits (medical, dental, vision) license and certificate fees are reimbursed 4 days of call are included in salary but any additional call is compensated for Please let me know what you guys think of
  4. Have been wanting to post something in this thread for a long time. The group is in rural Virginia with 3 ortho surgeons right now, 4th is in negotiation. I would only work with one of them in the OR and office $105,000 Annual Salary Annual wRVU Bonus Potential / $25.85 per wRVU generated after 2321 $5,000 Relocation Assistance $5,000 Recruitment Bonus paid on the first payroll check upon commencement of employment Student Loan Repayment of 500.00 per month for 36 months PTO accrual of 5.54 hours per pay period / 18 days per year Extended Illness
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. I'll make sure to ask my professors all these questions and see if their opinions are the same
  6. I do get multiple elective rotations and the international one would be in this category. So I would potentially be able to do an ortho rotation in the US and in England. I am not in any situation like that but I just thought it would be interesting to experience medicine in a different country. Maybe I'll just reconsider this idea based on the responses I am getting.
  7. Had a question for anyone that is currently in their 2nd year or for anyone in the field of orthopedics. My school is offering a rotation in England with a concentration in orthopedics. I am very interested in going but I am wondering how employers will look at this. As of now, I'm thinking i want to go into ortho after graduation but am worried that an employer will wonder why I did an ortho rotation somewhere other than the US. Would anyone be able to share some insight or their opinion? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. I am also in the current class of 2018, and i really can't imagine there being an "unsafe" area anywhere around LMU. Our professors do everything they can to help facilitate our learning and the experience you get here can be matched with any other program, in my opinion. Then again, everyone has their own experience i guess
  9. For those of you that had an interview on Jan. 15th, did they mention how many seats they had left? And how many people were in the interview session?
  10. I got a Feb. 5th interview as well. Already on the wait list for two schools, so i'm hoping that third times a charm!
  11. I am a first year applicant and received two interviews but was waitlisted at both schools. I am still waiting on decisions from a few schools but need to start thinking of how i'm going to improve my application. I believe i have a pretty strong application except for one or two courses, core biology 1 and biochemistry. Didn't do so well in those two classes, so i'm deciding between retaking them or taking some other higher level courses. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. @vivian4 Congrats! Do they tell basically tell you that you will get an answer very quickly?
  13. Is it appropriate to contact a program that you've been wait-listed at to see if there has been anyone taken off the list? Or even ask the program representative how many people are on the list? I would appreciate any help with this question.
  14. I will be attending the interview on September 16, anyone else?? Also, if someone could shed some light on the interview process i would really appreciate it.
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