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  1. Thanks for all this insight. I love reading about your experience. I am starting a very similar sounding Critical Care residency in April. I have some time off before. What do you suggest for preparation?
  2. Thank you all for the insight. I recognize this is something very far in the future even for Docs to do in cardiac arrest. It is exciting to here PAs are doing bedside Echo in ICU @bike mike I am trying to hone this skill as best I can as a student and learn as much POCUS as possible.
  3. Any PAs out there doing TEE? I would love to hear about how you learned and the setting in which you are performing them. I am a clinical year PA student, interested in CC/EM and PoCUS. I have been reading up on TEE in cardiac arrest. Thought it could be an interesting utilization of a PA in code settings, if one had the skill. Thanks!
  4. Hey! I am a dual/degree first year in the PA/MPH program. That means I currently in the MPH aspect of the program (I am Behavior Science and Health Education track) if you have any specific questions about Rollins School of Public Health I can help you with that. You may have already received some follow up, but unless you're completing SOPHAS for other programs that have an earlier deadline, there is no huge rush on submitting that. I did not complete my SOPHAS until I knew I was accepted into the PA program. Although it is nice to just get it done. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other MPH/PA questions, I can try and help. Best, Julie Jablonski
  5. I will be a MPH student for the first year (august 2015-summer 2016) and then start on August 2016 as a PA student. So technicially I wont be in your class, I am just holding a place in the upcoming class of 2018.
  6. Hey all! Congrats! I am an accepted student as well. I applied as a Dual Degree PA/MPH but haven't heard back from Rollins School of Public Health about acceptance in the MPH aspect. Any dual degrees out there? I'd love to connect with anyone applying dual degree or a current dual degree student if possible.
  7. I just got accepted today!!! I interviewed last week. This program seems very focused on the success and well being of the students. I really enjoyed the interview process. It was relaxed and informative. Also Portland is an awesome little city!
  8. I have an interview 0ct 27th. So I am working on the MPH application now. I waited to start SOPHAS until I got the invite. Unfortunately its very similar to another whole CASPA i.e. typing out every course ever taken
  9. I just got waitlisted :( such a long wait for more waiting...
  10. I was invited for an interview on Oct 24&25th! I received confirmation of my supplemental received on 9/2 and got the invite yesterday.
  11. Mine was around 600, there wasn't a specific limit. I am applying to the PA/MPH program so there were a few more prompts I had to address.
  12. I'm interviewing that day as well :-) I am coming from Boston so I am making a whole weekend of exploring Atlanta with my husband. Are you traveling far? I am so excited to actually see Emory and interview.
  13. Has anyone who interviewed on August 5th heard anything? I received an email on august 6th saying my application was still "under consideration." I am almost at the two week mark and haven't heard anything else. I did not expect this waiting to be so painful!!
  14. Has anyone heard anything yet? I just recently applied, but am curious about the timeline as some schools can take so long!! Also is anyone applying to dual degree PA/MPH?
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