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  1. They aren't very good at quick communication. Congrats on the interview. I applied in June and literally haven't heard a word since that day. It's safe to say I'm out, but I'm not sure why I can't be informed of that.
  2. Does this school not send out letters to those who are not going to be interviewed?
  3. Has anyone else on this thread been accepted or had an interview or know someone who has? All the Arkansas threads are like pulling teeth to get people to answer ha
  4. I actually got two haha. I got one today and also one on January 6th. They really want to make sure I don't show up lol
  5. Do they not send out any type of communication to those who are not invited or do they wait until they are sure that they've got everyone they want then send them out
  6. So have people been invited for interviews or not ? I'm kinda confused if anyone has heard or has been declined
  7. Got rejection letter in the mail for those who still have not heard.
  8. Does anyone know if they just send out all the interview invites at once or do they have a couple of days they usually do it in
  9. I guess what I mean to say was if I don't hear anything back by the end of this month about an interview does that mean all the interview spots are done being offered?
  10. So if you haven't heard anything by the 31st that basically means you didn't get in right?
  11. For those who want some sort of update I got a letter in the mail today not offering an interview.
  12. What letter does your last name start with? They do the alphabetical order right?
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