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  1. Einstein in Pennsylvania has a PA program and residency in EM, einstein in the Bronx, NY does not have a PA program, and its affiliated hospital Montefiore has PA residencies in Surgery, OB, and critical care.
  2. They are affiliated, but there is no mention of a PA program on the website, and another co-worker spoke with the registrar department who confirmed there was no such program at the college. Thank you for your responses.
  3. and yes, at the MD office, when written prescriptions were needed, we wrote them out and had the MD's sign them.
  4. the places I was looking seemed unclear, one search resulted in saying that prescriptions could still be written out without a DEA number, and that a DEA number was only needed for narcotics. I work on a med-surg floor and do not deal with prescriptions. I know most are done electronically now from my experience at the MD office. Everything about this woman's story is sketchy, yet she seems so confident in her answers. I didnt want to confront without getting my facts straight.
  5. Further more, when working in a MD office, when we were writing prescriptions, the DEA was filled in, not auto printed on prescription pads, or maybe it was another number now that I think more about it.
  6. I am not trying to write prescriptions, and am certantly not a troll of any sorts. I am not in PA school, nor am a PA and I never claimed to be. I am a registered nurse who I feel is being lied to by an ex-coworker of mine, who said she graduated from Albert Einstein PA school a few weeks ago, (come to find out that albert einstein does not have a PA program) and that she is working in Montefiores medical centers ER, already writing prescriptions on her own prescription pad, intubating people, and other such things that didnt seem realistic as she was doing these things two days after graduation. I came to this site hoping for answers and some clarification. I am not familiar with the ins and outs of physicians assistants, as I dont deal with them on the unit I am on. I appreciate any information you are willing to share.
  7. Great. Thank you for the response. Are you given prescription pads prior to taking the PANCE or getting licensed?
  8. Can anyone explain the process of getting your DEA #, and when you can apply, and when you can actually get your script pad? Before the certification test or after? Thanks!
  9. and also, does anyone have experience with Albert Einsteins PA program in the Bronx ?
  10. Thanks for the responses and info! Still looking for anyone currently at Montefiore! PLease message me if you do!
  11. can I ask what could be a silly question? After graduating from a PA school, can you work without a residency? As a graduate PA before your licensed?
  12. Thanks! Do they have residencies in the ER?
  13. Anyone on the forum recently get hired by Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, NY? Or is there anyone already working there?
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