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  1. I just turned down my interview invite for 11/7. Good luck to anyone still waiting for an invitation!
  2. I gave up my interview slot at the end of last week so hopefully they fill it before Thursday! Good luck everyone!
  3. I interviewed on Oct 7th and just received an acceptance call! Anyone else?! 90% sure I will be accepting the seat! I am beyond happy right now!
  4. I received an acceptance call and email today for the Atlantic City campus. I'm leery of accepting and sending the 2k deposit without a bit more information on this campus. For those of you that interviewed... is anyone else accepting the Atlantic City offer? I'd love to talk to you!
  5. I applied to Kings June 2014 for the class of 2017. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews yet?
  6. I applied but have only received confirmation thus far.
  7. Interviewing October 7th at the AM session, I'll see some of you then! Good luck to everyone!
  8. My interview is scheduled for September 19th, 8:00AM. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Hey MLStoPA (from Boston- I remember you from the interview) and RLF (whoever you are)- Congratulations! I'm glad you both got responses so soon! I still have not heard back but my fingers are crossed. :) -Suzanna
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