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  1. Just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to Arcadia and plan on attending this upcoming May! There doesn't seem to be a Facebook group or anything started yet so I figured people could use this thread for the time being to get to know some of their future classmates and also ask any questions that other students may be able to help them out with. For instance- I'll be moving completely across the country to the Philly area to attend the Glenside campus and would love some suggestions on where to live. My husband is going to be working in downtown Philly so it w
  2. I got my acceptance letter as well! Now I just have to figure out the logistics of moving across the country in 8 months...so excited though!
  3. Kaitlan32 Nope I haven't yet but I've been checking my mail like a crazy person. I'm hoping someone will post as soon as they hear!
  4. marsle85 I got the same email and applied around the same time. Rosalind was originally one of my top choices but now I'm finding this kind of disappointing. Does anyone know how many interview sessions have already been held and how many spots might even be left?? I have interviews other places and have already been accepted one place so I don't know if I should bother holding out too much hope for rosalind :(
  5. Just found out today I was invited for an interview!! Just so everyone knows- they will not call or email you to notify you!! They only update your midwestern MWUnet login and it will show under interview scheduling that you are able to schedule an interview. Had I not randomly decided to check it today who knows how long may have gone by before I found out I was invited for an interview. Just a heads up for others applying because I know I assumed they would call/email like most other schools do. Good luck to everyone!!
  6. I got a call this past Friday for an interview!! I'll be there for the September 24th session :) Is anyone else having to travel from afar or have any suggestions about hotels and best way to get around while there?
  7. Has anyone received any sort of confirmation email from Barry letting them know they have all their application materials?? Barry is one of the only schools I haven't gotten a single email from...
  8. For all of you who got an invite, and any who haven't yet, did no one ever receive a confirmation email that Arcadia got your application?? It makes me nervous that my application has been done for almost a month and a half and I have yet to receive anything from them...but I'd like to avoid calling admissions and seeming like a nag.
  9. zalotj11 if you don't mind me asking when was your caspa verified??
  10. Keep us all updated on if you've heard anything yet this cycle!
  11. Anyone else gotten invites yet? I submitted mid-June and haven't gotten anything other than the confirmation email that they have my application...so nervous...
  12. Has anyone who submitted their application in June or July heard anything yet? Congrats to all those who have interviews so far!! But it's so nerve wracking to hear interviews are already being offered for those of us who just recently submitted so I'm wondering if maybe they are going through the apps in order of how they received them...?
  13. I would definitely love to get some info as well so anyone who has been in the program, or has experience with the program, please feel free to contact me and give me your thoughts!
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