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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your advice on the forum. It has been very helpful to get a UF PA student's perspective on things. I am a guy and I was wondering if you could suggest the type of shoes I should wear for the first day events? My dress shoes aren't very comfortable and I heard that there is a lot of walking lol.

    Also, I was wondering if you had a favorite rotation (or if there's one in particular you are looking forward to)?

    1. trigator

      Just wear some oxfords or something if you have them. I think I either wore those or some wingtips, but I cant really remember. You want to be business professional but just realize there is a decent amount of walking. No pain no gain lol. 

      As for favorite rotation, I completed almost all of mine in Jacksonville. Theres a UFHealth facility in Jacksonville that has a huge trauma center and thats primarily why I picked that area to rotate in. I enjoyed Trauma and the ED there, and had already accepted a job within neurosurgery before having it picked as my last rotation. So Trauma, NSG, and EM in no specific order because you see the same population and alot of the same injuries in each.

      I graduated this past June so no more rotations for me.

  2. Just to reiterate... The dinner for orientation is either going to be at a bar/restaurant called the swamp which is pretty casual, or at a place downtown that is a latin restaurant (cant recall the name although I went as a student). Most of the students are going to be there in scrubs or t-shirts/jeans etc. I wouldn't plan for anything super fancy in addition to the interview. Its very informal, no faculty will be there. It will just be you and the first year students.
  3. I felt like Rosh was better for bread and butter dx and treatment and to help guide studying on areas where you may not be as strong. I used ExamMaster in didactic year and felt like it was good for the exams, but it really doesn't compare to the PANCE. The categories also aren't well differentiated. From what I remember there wasn't even a pediatrics q bank and it was spread throughout some of the other sections.
  4. Not until the deadline. They offer interviews all the way through December.
  5. Recent gator grad checking in. I'll try to help Checko with any questions.
  6. I'm on rotations right now and been super busy, but i'll try to get to some of the questions in a timely manner. At least 10-15 people from our class were from the wait list, including me. It is probably a much larger number than that, but I only know specifically of 15ish. I don't know if it will improve your chances, but in the interview it gave me a lot to attest to regarding improvements in my learning base, etc. Listen to greatchecko. He's been around the block a time or two... or three. Also the timeline has changed over the past two years with the review levels, so try to gauge
  7. Our CASPA application was a bit different two years ago. I would list the ones that show off your healthcare experience/interest as well as highlight your leadership abilities. If you still are able to load your CV like we were, they will be getting a list of your post-graduate activities.
  8. Well this just happened in South Florida... Hard to believe it wasn't taken care of after the initial encounter in a pregnant woman's exam room. http://m.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/crime-law/make-believe-teen-doctor-released-from-jail-to-app/nqRTB/
  9. Most of the ortho PAs at Shands are making over 100 (many closer to 120). It is one of the higher paying PA gigs at Shands, although length of job and experience definitely come into play. Their salaries are available online because it is a state funded university, so you could check that out. I can't really give any solid info on non-academic settings though, so someone else may be able to help.
  10. Florida "should" be passing the controlled substances bill this year. I say "should" because last year as it was being shuffled through committees the government gridlocked over a budget dispute and anything deemed non-essential was pushed to the way side. On a brighter note, the Florida Medical Association and Osteopathic Association voiced their support for the bill just last week. This is the first time they have supported us in presenting this bill. Granted everything goes smoothly this cycle, the bill will allow up to schedule II.
  11. They will be sending formal notifications via snail mail. The first year that I applied, I had my application completed and sent in June and didn't receive the rejection letter until January. The second level review stuff was something new that I think was introduced this year. Applicants from this year probably know more about how it works than I do. I can tell you that there were somewhere between 1,700-2,000 applications this year, and there is only a small contingent of staff to handle all of them. Specific updates would be difficult with just the sheer amount of applications. Let me k
  12. Hang tight. Even if you are waitlisted, you still may get a call. We had several people get called up from the waitlist because people accepted other schools. One of the guys in our class got the call in like March or April, so its not over until its over.
  13. You might also try joining FAPA. A lot of great networking opportunities in addition to supporting the profession. There are tons of members in the 407 area that would be happy to take on students for shadowing opportunities. The more active members are usually all about advancing the profession, so it likely wouldn't be too difficult to get your foot in the door.
  14. Last interviews were in fact yesterday. Just FYI, it took me 2 cycles to gain acceptance to this program. I interviewed at one school the first year I applied, and quickly realized that I didn't want to go anywhere else. If you truly want to goto UF, just use the extra time to save some money and strengthen your application with everything you can find. It isn't the end of the world. I used that extra time to get some great one-on-one clinical experience that has been incredibly valuable during didactic year. That being said, and to reiterate GreatChecko, becoming a PA is the goal here. We
  15. I think they may be in the office today, but I wouldn't expect anything Thursday or Friday. I was a reapplicant last year when I was accepted, but the first year I did not get my rejection letter until mid-January.
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