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  1. I received the acceptance call on October 2nd, and received acceptance agreement forms in the mail a few days later. We have to sign and mail back the form by October 22nd. So you get roughly 3 weeks to decide!
  2. I looked at last year's forum and it looked like some applicants were accepted a few days after their interview, whereas others had to wait a month or so.
  3. For those interviewing at Miami Shores... Were you called or e-mailed when they invited you to interview?
  4. Scary that they told me otherwise, ah! Feel like I should just send updated transcripts to all my schools to avoid this stress. Thanks for letting us know!
  5. I also finished my outstanding pre-requisites recently. When I e-mailed admissions, UTSA said there is "no need to send any transcripts at this time" and that my application is still being reviewed. Hope that helps!
  6. Does anyone know what code to send our GRE scores to for Barry-miami campus? I see that their code is 5053 but do I need to include the PA departmental code as well? Don't want to have to pay for the score report twice, but want to make sure it gets to the right people!
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