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  1. Please forgive me - I did not know there was such strong animosity towards the term "midlevel." You do bring up a good point though about practicing "mid"-medicine. STILL - I've had 2 responses about how I shouldn't use the term midlevel, and only 3 responses to my actual questions, which is unfortunate in my opinion.
  2. My apologies, I should clarify. We are expected to see about 2 patients per hour during a clinical shift, and 2.5-3 patients/hour during a fast track shift. I don't pick up any patients during the last hour, so this averages about 14 patients per clinical shift and more per fast track shift, all of which are 8-hour shifts. It is not unusual to have seen 22+ patients in a single fast tract shift. As far as managing up to 9 patients at a time, this is not always the norm. This only occurs on days where we have very high volumes and during peak hours. At my facility we use Cerner firstnet, so
  3. Midlevel provider, i.e. physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
  4. Hey all - I was wondering what the work dynamic between you and your attending physicians is? For instance, do the attendings see all the patients you see? Are some places more autonomous and the attendings will only see the really sick patients? How many patients are you expected to see in a shift? How many patients are you expected to manage at a given time? I have been doing EM for about 18 months and had one month of orientation. This is my first job out of school. During a fast track shift, the attending will not see any of my patients unless I have a question or concern about a pa
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