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  1. Thank you so much for your response! I sent in the application June 22 and took the PANCE July 23rd. Hoping to have the license by September because my employer is anxious for me to start. I spoke to a very nice woman on the phone last week with the licensing office who said to call back sometime this week to check in and make sure they received my scores. She said they'll "see what they can do", but actually sounded sincere about it. Fingers crossed!
  2. Pardon me,

    I saw your post concerning your RoshReview and was wondering if it has been sold. Please let me know if that's not the case,



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      Sold, sorry! 

  3. Can anyone who went through the process of New Grad to working PA shed some light on the timeline I can expect? After submitting PANCE scores/NCCPA certification, how long was it until you received your license? And then after that, how long to your NPI number? DEA license? My employers are asking and I don't really know what kind of ballpark to even expect. One office is booking me with patients starting in September and I'm not very confident that will happen so quickly (application has been submitted for weeks, but the PANCE scores just came in today.)
  4. I applied to several jobs before graduating and had interviews/offers in the NYC area. Doesn't hurt to start. Worst case is that they tell you to call back after you graduate/pass the PANCE/ get your license.
  5. Mine is good through February! Message me ?
  6. I think if you have time for outside resources during didactic year, it would be useful. However I like to use it for review during clinical year when I find I have more time for additional...stuff.
  7. I'm finishing up my clinical year and I'm STILL so sick of sitting in a classroom that I feel that way even with our 2 days of call-backs. I don't know how I did it during didactics because I am not a great "sit down and listen" learner to begin with. I just tried to study other things while listening for pearls from the lecturer. If studying other things was too particularly noticeable in class, I would make my study materials for the particular lecture we were on so it was less obvious.
  8. Out of curiosity, did you end up accepting this position or clarifying the health insurance details?
  9. I'm looking for clinicians in primary care / family medicine willing to take on a PA student from the east coast. I have no connections from way out here and am hoping to set something up. Anyone have any successful rotations in either of these states? I really just want to do a rotation in the PNW to see if I enjoy the climate and whatnot because I'm thinking about moving there after graduation. So my request is literally "Can someone share a good connection?"
  10. Good luck on your application! This school is just the coolest around (of course that's what I think.) I had a great experience interviewing. I really didn't get the feeling that I was being challenged at all. They were just interested in learning about us in greater detail, especially personally. There were no curve-balls, everyone was warm and friendly. I don't think there are any wrong answers, just be yourself. If you're looking to practice or something, I just kind of made sure I was ready for the standard questions that you can find just by googling. This didn't really "prepare" me, per se, but it helped me FEEL prepared. Confidence in being you is key!
  11. Oh, and is anyone else having trouble getting to the health form that is specific to the Health Technologies and Management school? The page just says it's under maintenance for me.
  12. I believe the last rounds of interviews are today. Good luck everyone!
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