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  1. The program will make a FB page for the class. For those of you accepted, I'm a previous student with books and supplies for sale. PM me if you're interested. You won't get a book list until December or January, but you can probably check with Director Pack if the books will be the same as class of 2020's.
  2. Well, CASPA asks if you've ever had academic sanctions, like academic probation or dismissal. If I answer honestly, programs will obviously know. If I don't, and they find out later, it would be worse. Plus, they'll see my transcript with one semester of PA school and ask me to explain.
  3. There are a couple programs developing, but not within commuting distance. I'm willing to move again, but I have a whole family to think about. Moving here was rough, I'm not excited about the prospect of doing it again so soon! My prereqs are mostly over 10 years old, so I'm very limited in the first place on where I can apply. It must not be my destiny.
  4. I reapplied, got denied because I don't meet the "benchmarks for interview or admission to the program." They cited reasons such as not enough shadowing or volunteer hours, despite my large number of HCE/PCE hours, no letter from a dr or PA this time, and no leadership experience. I applied to one other program. If that doesn't pan out, I'm going to do something else. This was my 5th cycle and I just can't do it anymore.
  5. Professor Rice was out of the office this week. That's why no one has gotten any communication recently.
  6. Yes, my friend is in her clinical rotations and she told me.
  7. The admissions coordinator is no longer with the program, so there may be a delay in getting interview details.
  8. Genetics counseling has interested me in the past! I love genetics!
  9. I've been considering it. Actually I'm considering a BA to BSN. There aren't direct entry MSN programs around me.
  10. Solid argument. My thoughts were that I may pursue med school, but I just can't see making that time commitment with 2 little kids. If I don't get back into my program, I'll look very hard at accelerated BSN programs. You don't think they'd have an issue accepting me?
  11. Not really. Every time I think of different options, I always come back to PA. I've considered a BA to BSN, but I really don't want to be a nurse. I know eventually I could move to NP, but I'd likely need nursing experience first. There are more options, but nothing I can imagine doing for the rest of my life.
  12. Yes, I not only have to disclose that I was in a program, but also that I was dismissed. I'm thinking if I don't get back in to my program that I'm going to have to do a medical master's or post bacc to prove my ability to do a rigorous program. I'm so sick over it. This was my top choice and only place I wanted to get my education. Mad at myself is an understatement.
  13. Ilygurlie: no exceptions. I appealed my dismissal because the reason I failed that course was an exam that 75% of the class failed, but since I didn't appeal the grade within the allotted time, my appeal was denied. I got a 77, which is passing for many programs, but not this one. I was hoping that other programs would see that it was still a somewhat decent grade and at least give me a chance. If I had the chance at my program to just start over, I'd take it in an instant. But they don't offer that.
  14. MT2PA: no option to decelerate. Policy is pass every course with an 80 or you're done. I had a meeting with all the faculty and explained openly all the barriers and things that I messed up on. I know I was at fault for most of my failure, and they appreciated my honesty. The director said I should make the threshold for an interview again, and if so I'd have to prove that I've changed and would be successful the 2nd time. However, I doubt I'd be re-chosen with a huge applicant pool. I'm also an MT, btw.
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