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  1. Paeaonline.org has a school directory: http://directory.paeaonline.org/
  2. I know several people who started out at scribes in local ER's and that way they got their foot in the door, became familiar with the hospital/flow, and the staff. In our hospital, the ER head nurse was the one who did the hiring of the ER Tech's, so once they saw how you performed as a scribe (hardworking, professional, etc), they were then able to switch over to the tech role easier.
  3. When I was preparing for my interviews I also read several books and read a lot of the posts on this forum. I have learned that you cannot have a practiced response to the common questions (Why do you want to be a PA, what are your strengths, etc). I've learned that you need to know some key points, but DO NOT memorize a particular answer. Also another thing that helped me was to go into the interview not putting too much stress on your self (I know it's hard b/c you've worked so hard to get to this point). But think of the interview as a conversation with a peer and them getting to simply know you, and you in turn getting to know the program. I found for myself this helped to take off the extra "edge" and I felt more relaxed. Lastly, eye contact, smile, and have confidence helped as well :)
  4. Try Nova Southeastern Ft. Lauderdale PA program Class of 2017
  5. Created a Facebook page for everyone accepted under "nova southeastern ft. Lauderdale PA program class of 2017"
  6. I think the response time does vary depending on which faculty are doing the interviews and when they meet and are able to then call individuals. Took them about 8 days to get back to me.
  7. I have a few questions in regards to the Miami campus. Are there any current/alum that I could send some questions to?
  8. Stay patient and positive Arosswoods. I was in the same boat as you and received a call earlier this week to schedule an interview. :)
  9. Received my acceptance yesterday to this program!!!!
  10. yes gcdeguzm, I did as well earlier this week when I sent my info in.
  11. Just received an interview invite via email. Chose the Oct. 24th date!
  12. I scheduled mine for the 22nd! Can't wait to meet you all!
  13. I Didn't see a topic for this school. Just curious to see if anyone else has applied here or if there are any current/past students on the site?
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