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  1. I have super good news for many of you out there! The ATSU, PA program will accept 70 not 50 students for the Class of 2017. I got my seat!!
  2. When is the last interview scheduled for? Anybody knows?!
  3. Looking back at the time line it seams like 3 applicants were accepted pending an open seat plus I know about another one. That makes it 4, but it could be more. One of four was called back with an open seat!!
  4. I know, I was accepted under the same conditions as you. But, the admitted students are the ones that were offered a seat. These students are given the date by which they have to either accept or decline the offer. This date is important for us with pending an open seat condition, because once accepted students start declining their seats (for whatever reason), we will start getting calls :))
  5. Admitted students must respond to the offer by which date?
  6. I got an invite for a Preview Day at the Western University? If I don't go (because I live in a different state and have no money for travel and hotel), will that affect my chances of getting an interview?
  7. Congrats!! This is a great news for all of us who are pending an opens seat!
  8. My interview is October 24th. Will I be required to write an essay some time during the interview?
  9. I interviewed yesterday and got the call this morning with pending an open seat offer. I am sooo excited!! Although there is no open seats at this time in the Class of 2017, nothing is set in stone yet. Non of the applicants should be discouraged from interviewing with ATSU, because a lot of students that have been accepted might decline their seats, thus making room for us with pending open seat offers. Keep your heads up, and keep trying!
  10. High five @applicant14! I am so happy for you! What was your favorite part of the interview today? My interview is scheduled for the September, 24. Any tips or recommendations?
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