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  1. Hi! First off, congratulations for at being invited to 7 interviews! That's great. I know it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you need to improve in as it relates to interviewing, but what better people to practice your interviews with other than your friends/family/past professors! During my interviews, I would ensure that my answers weren't predictable and I had the goal of making myself stand out amongst the other candidates. Sell yourself in the most humble way possible. They already know you qualify on paper, so let your personality do the talking. As mentioned above, I definitely would not pursue a degree to "fill in" the time that you may have if you were not to be accepted. You are qualified, hence your 7 interviews. I have a feeling that you're counting yourself out a little to early :). Good luck!
  2. Hi! I also had a group activity for my interview at the beginning of the year. I think it's important to let your voice be heard, but to also exhibit listening skills. I made sure I spoke confidently and I brought ideas to the table, however I made it a point to be interested in what my peers were saying as well. Don't be afraid to speak up; at the same time, don't let it be that your voice is the only one being heard. I hope this helps :)
  3. I think it would be best to mention it only if they ask you. I'm sure they know that many candidates may or may not have offers from other schools. So I wouldn't mention it unless asked.
  4. I'm not sure if you were asking me this question, but I was shadowing her for 6 months. However, I believe that you just have to feel the PA out. Some PAs have no problem writing a LOR after one day, others would like for you to shadow them for a longer amount of time. :) Don't be afraid to ask though!
  5. Hi! Like Glorious_Ignoramus said, your GPA is not competitive enough. I would definitely work on getting both of those GPAs up to at least a 3.3/3.4 so they will consider your application. Research the schools that you are interested in and see what the average GPA of accepted students is. Remember- meeting the minimum does not really qualify you for anything because you are competing with hundreds of other applicants. Good luck :)
  6. I asked for a letter after about 6 months of shadowing. I definitely believe that you should have a solid amount of time with the PA/Physician you are shadowing before you request a LOR. Like the previous poster stated: they need to know who you are in order to write you a great LOR :)
  7. Undergrad School: University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX) Major: Biology CASPA Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.70 CASPA Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.60 Post Bacc GPA: N/A Age at application time: 23 GRE: ​I can't remember, I know it wasn't too good though. Application Submitted Date: Aug 8, 2014 Direct Patient Care Experience (type & hours at time of application): ER Scribe- 1120hrs Lab Tech- 3200hrs Health Care Shadowing: PA in Cardiovascular Surgery- 30hrs Research Experience: None Community Service: Food Bank- 12hrs Community Outreach- 8hrs Boys and Girls Club San Antonio- 90hrs Seton Homes for Women- 8hrs Schools Applied: Wichita State University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences- Boston, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio, University of North Texas Health Science Center Interview Invites: Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Waitlist to Interview: N/A Interviews Attended: I attended both Denied: Phil. University, UNTHSC, UTHSCSA, PCOM (withdrew application from Wichita State) Waitlisted: N/A Accepted: Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Attending: Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences- Boston Attempt: 1st I decided to apply for PA school VERY late in the game. You definitely weaken your chances if you submit your application in late July/August (like I did)! However, by the grace of God, I was accepted into the perfect program for me. I acquired all of my shadowing, wrote my personal statement, crammed for the GRE (that didn't work out too well lol) within 2 months. It sucked but hard work pays off! I am here to encourage anyone and everyone who truly has a desire to become a Physician Assistant. I struggled at my first interview at PCOM. I was trying to become the "perfect candidate" for their program and I lost myself in it. If I could give any tips on interviewing, don't try to be someone you aren't! They can tell, trust me :) If you need ANY advice, please feel free to shoot me a message. Good luck everyone!
  8. For everyone who interviewed, what hotels did you stay in? How did you get around?
  9. Thank you everyone for the information! I was honestly just curious about the option since there are so few programs that offer the dual degree
  10. Thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello! I am preparing to apply next cycle and I am looking at some dual degree programs, such as Campbell University (Physician Assistant/MS Public Health). For anyone that is practicing, what advantages have you gained because you have both degrees? I ask because since there are so few programs offering dual degrees, I am having a hard time finding information on the benefits of having both. Thank you for your time! :)
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