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  1. During my academic interview, I felt that they did not have my resume or application on hand. I was given introspective questions that were thought provoking and challenging for me personally because they were topics I had never thought about before. I don't think I did as well as I had hoped. I was not prepared because I had assumed I would get personal questions based on what I had written on my CASPA and resume. Time to look at my back ups haha. The group interview was a ton of fun for me. It was also something I did not expect but I enjoyed it. I wonder how they graded it.
  2. You just made me nervous kctek! I creeped your post history (sorry) and saw your stats you previously posted and they looked really good. Did you ever talk to the advisers and find out what put you on the alternate list?
  3. I'm a Lexington local. No, UK is my first choice and I need to be looking into other backup schools just in case. This is my first time applying and I just finished with a masters in a different program. What about you?
  4. There are some good interview tips in the old threads.
  5. I keep checking my email for an interview invite since they said they would let us know mid to late July.
  6. I figured I would get this thread started. I'm a UKPAS 2017 class hopeful and I'm still waiting for verification on my application. If any wants to discuss anything, please do! One question...I'm not yet at my 50 hour shadow minimum but I'm trying to get there before August interviews. I know they only require 25 but do you think your chances will improve if you get all 50 done beforehand?
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