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  1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply ventana! I agree that the offer is not ideal, I was merely referring to that fact that I love the staff, procedures, and patient population- that's the dream :) Do you have any suggestions about negotiating for a more fair compensation? What would you suggest as a counter offer? Is it normal for PAs in this field to not have contracts?
  2. Hello! I am a new grad looking for work in Eastern Kentucky. After a rotation with a surgeon, I was offered a job this December and am now graduating. He is the only practicing surgeon in our county and is looking to hire a midlevel to help lighten the load- he and staff have never had a PA/NP before. He sees my first year or two as a learning experience and expects to work closely with me; I will have 3 days a week in the clinic and 2 surgery days. He said he expects to treat me as a resident during this time. He would like to split call between us equally. A large company owns our hospital
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