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  1. "I still have not heard anything, but since it has been a month and a half, I thought I'd see if anyone else had heard anything back yet." The following is what I received on 12/13 via email: Thank you for your interest in the UMES-PA Program. We plan to invite eligible student to campus for interviews late to early January/February 2015.
  2. Congrats JacobsDad! That's great news! Do you mind sharing stats, and when you applied? Thanks in advance!
  3. ur interview invitations will not go out until mid Jan. 2015. The interviews will be late Jan and Feb all month. Sent from my iPhoneFrank Ambriz MPAS,Chair PA Dept & Clinical Associate Professor Univ of Texas Pan Am UT Health Professional Scholar.
  4. Per the office of admissions no invites have been sent out yet. Invites will be sent out in January.
  5. I was told yesterday by someone in admissions at Tulsa that it would be a few weeks before they send out 1st round invites.
  6. Has anyone had success with sending emails? I sent an email four days ago, and an automated email that said I would hear back in 3 days...???
  7. It must be really competitive this year. I'm hoping we hear by Friday
  8. Wow, thanks a lot. That's great to hear. Good luck to us all :-)
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