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  1. It was great to meet everyone at the interview today, prospective students and faculty alike. Good luck to everyone. All those I spoke with came off as definite PA material to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I received an email on Sept 24th with a reminder to do the supplemental with payment if you haven't done so already. Other than that I haven't heard anything.
  3. Stockton has a satellite location in Manahawkin right next to Rothman. They have PA's in there. You should stop by and inquire about shadowing.
  4. Update your CASPA (below). Contact program and inform them of the situation. Select and pay to add the program. They know you will apply to other programs. Unless you need to grade for GPA purposes it probably won't matter that they don't recalculate you GPA. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the date your application is e-submitted and paid for, your PA programs can view your entire application in real time via their online admissions portal, even if your application is
  5. When you have hundreds to thousands of people applying for a hand full of seats in each program the law of supply and demand will kick in. I'm not surprised the cost is going up.
  6. Did they give you the option of interviewing again? If I had my choice I would want to get in front of them again.
  7. In addition to the advice you would get here I would post this in "Ask a PA Admissions Director", which is in the Pre-PA section, as well as give a rundown of the courses of each. My guy tells me the BS but I'm not in a position to tell you which one would be better.
  8. I'm a home owner and if I was going to use it pay for school I would take out an equity line of credit. That way you take out the money as you need it instead of accruing interest on the whole thing from the start as you would with an equity loan. On the other hand I would really look at the rates compared to an educational loan before deciding to use my equity to get an education. MedLib42 is pointing you in the right direction as well. If you don't qualify for loans/financial aid because of being non-degree seeking then become degree seeking. I used to work in college admissions and
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I just filled out the prerequisite sheet that is part of your application and it's all A's. My concern is when I majored in "social life" back in the mid 90's. My cumulative GPA for CASPA was 3.27 from 190 credits. That's right on the boarder of your requirement and that is where my concern lies. Everyone I've ever talked to says that CASPA gives them a lower GPA than what they would get from a direct application. If that's the case I can relax a little. Also, I can't find on your website what the application fee is for the program.
  10. Does anybody know if Seton Hall's GPA calculation is always higher than CASPA's?
  11. "The number of search assignments for PAs and NPs conducted by Merritt Hawkins has increased 320 percent over the last three years." 1. Family medicine 2. Internal medicine 3. Hospitalist 4. Psychiatry 5. Nurse practitioner 6. Pediatrician 7. Emergency medicine 8. Obstetrics/gynecology 9. Physician assistant 10. Neurology http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/hospital-physician-relationships/the-10-most-in-demand-clinician-specialties.html
  12. I would do the "Ask a PA Admissions Director" under "Pre-PA General Discussion" I'm not sure if 10 hours would raise a red flag or if they ever verify the hours.
  13. Pick somewhere else. You could either turn it into a good story to tell the admissions people in an interview or just tell them is was entered in error. Volunteering somewhere else to make up the time is much more interesting than just saying it was a typo.
  14. Go volunteer for 10 hours so you can say the numbers are accurate. Tell them in the interview how you caught the error and thought the best way to correct it would be volunteer the 10 hours instead of reducing your number.
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