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  1. Undergrad Ed School: University of Washington Major: B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology CASPA Cum. Undergraduate GPA: 3.44 CASPA Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.34 CASPA Post-Baccalaureate Overall GPA: 4.0 CASPA Post-Baccalaureate Overall GPA: 4.0 Age: 25 GRE: Quantitative - 156 (64th percentile) Verbal - 158 (79th percentile) Writing - 4.0 (56th percentile) Patient Care Experience: ~2,500 as a CNA at a hospital Volunteering: ~1,000 hours (counselor at UW Camp Kesem, volunteered at Group Health, UW Freshmen Interest Group (FIG) leader, volunteering at random events with my sorority in college, working on my sorority's philanthropy in college, etc.) Shadow Experience: ~105 hours shadowing PAs in dermatology, urgent care, family medicine, pain medicine, interventional radiology, and neurosurgery. Also shadowed doctors and nurses during my study abroad experience in Chile. Extracurricular/Relevant Activities/Experiences: studied abroad in Chile (focusing on their healthcare system and practices), Freshmen Interest Group (FIG) leader at UW, UW equestrian team member LOR: A physician I work with, my most recent physiology professor, and the PA whom I spent the most shadowing hours with Schools Applied: University of Colorado - Denver, University of Washington MEDEX Northwest, Baylor College of Medicine, Samuel Merritt University, Midwestern University - Glendale, Midwestern University - Downers Grove, Oregon Health & Science University, Pacific University, Pace University, University of Texas Medical Branch, University of North Texas, university of Toledo CASPA Application Submitted Date: July 17th Application Verified Date: July 28th Interview Invites: University of Colorado - Denver, University of Washington MEDEX Northwest, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Toledo Still waiting to hear from: Midwestern University - Glendale, Midwestern University - Downers Grove Denied: Oregon Health & Science University, Pacific University, Pace University, University of Texas Medical Branch, University of North Texas, Samuel Merritt University Declined Interview Invites: University of Toledo Waitlisted: Baylor College of Medicine Accepted: University of Colorado - Denver, University of Washington MEDEX Northwest Attending: University of Colorado - Denver!! Attempt: 2nd My first application cycle, I literally didn't get one single interview invite. If you don't get in the first time, seriously do not give up! Make a plan (NOW) for what you can do if you don't get in. Here's a summary of what I did: After I didn't get it, I continued to work as a CNA at a hospital. When I applied the first time I only had ~800 patient care hours; the second time I had ~2,500. I think just having another year of patient care experience A) boosted my application and B) helped me write a much more insightful, meaningful essay. I completely redid my CASPA personal statement (looking back now, my first one was awful), however I only made minor edits to most of my supplemental application essays because these were already pretty good. WRITE A GOOD ESSAY. I can't stress that enough. Utilize the writing centers are your undergrad schools (most will help you even if you aren't a student there anymore). The UW writing center helped me write an awesome essay. I shadowed more PAs in a wider variety of specialties and pretty much doubled my shadowing hours. I also took Human Physiology at a community college (I'd taken mammalian phys during undergrad, which most schools allowed me to use as a substitution for human phys...however, my grade in that class wasn't so hot). I also took Medical Terminology online at a community college just because a lot of schools recommended it and because I knew it would boost my GPA. I worked hard and got a 4.0 in both classes. I got a different professor LOR and a different physician LOR than I had the first time around. I had the same PA write an LOR though. Interview prep: I gathered like 100 example questions into one document, printed it out, and then just wrote notes and/or lists by the questions. I never came up with my exact answers. I also had a piece of paper where I'd jot down anecdotes that displayed my personal strengths or that would be good examples to many of the questions. Having a handwritten list allowed me to add to it as the ideas popped into my head (rather than giving me a chance to forget it before I could write it down). I also paid for a mock interview at the UW Career Center. I cannot recommend doing a formal mock interview enough. This seriously was a godsend. Mock interviews are usually free to UW students, but cost $75 for an alumni. It was seriously the best $75 I spent on any sort of application prep material. Feel free to message me if you want me to explain any part of my experience further! I am seriously on top of the world right now, and would be more than happy to lend a hand to anyone who is going through the same process I went through.
  2. Received an email yesterday inviting me to the Group B interview on 1/15!! I'm SO excited!! Can't wait to meet everyone there :)
  3. UPDATE: Thank you guys for all of the feedback and encouragement. I ended up discussing my ADHD in my personal statement, and even included my unique/out of the box thinking style (that results from having ADHD) as "something I could contribute to my future class" in one of my supplemental application essays. I'm very excited to say that I have been accepted to both the University of Colorado and MEDEX Northwest :) If anyone is in a similar situation and wants advice or input, please, please feel free to direct message me.
  4. AHHHH I JUST GOT THE CALL!! I'm in!!!!! :D :D :D
  5. I didn't receive a rejection letter yesterday, but I also haven't received an interview invite. I'm so confused...
  6. I just got an interview invite for October 29th!!!! SO excited!! Anyone else interviewing that day?
  7. Just received an interview invitation for October 20th!! I'm so excited!! Just waiting to RSVP until I get the official okay from my boss to take that Monday/Tuesday off work. Anyone else invited to interview that day?
  8. @paadmissions - I just discovered a typo in one of the supplemental essays I already submitted: I mistakenly wrote "lead" instead of "led." In your opinion, should I correct the mistake and then email the revised version to the school? Or would that just draw unnecessary attention to my typo? I've been given conflicting advice on what to do. I feel so silly. I am normally a scrupulous editor when it comes to my writing. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @laur_ek thank you so much for sharing. That is extremely helpful! Gotta love Google.
  10. How long were each of your guys' responses to the supplemental questions (on CASPA)? I saw that the limit was 5,000 characters. For the majority of the questions though, I feel like anything close to a 5,000 character response would be an overkill. But at the same time, I don't want to submit a shorter response if they were looking for something longer.
  11. I desperately need advice on whether or not to discuss my ADHD diagnosis in my personal statement. Here’s my situation (I apologize for the length)… I was diagnosed with ADHD during my junior year of college. A period of sub-par grades (not terrible, but not at all representative of how hard I worked or how well I knew the material) is what pushed me to seek medical help. Sure enough, my grades improved dramatically as soon as I started taking medication, receiving extra time on tests, and developing more effective studying habits with the help of a counselor. I made the Dean’s list every quarter thereafter. I can truly say that I have learned to thrive despite having ADHD. I only wish I had sought help sooner. I am a reapplicant. I applied to a few schools last year but did not receive any interviews (though I did get put on the waitlist for interviews at two schools). This year, I now have ~2,200 patient care experience hours as a CNA, while I only had ~650 last year. I “retook” Human Physiology this past year at a different school and earned a 4.0 (I had taken mammalian physiology before the ADHD diagnosis and only earned a 2.9) and also took Medical Terminology, in which I also earned a 4.0. In addition, I more than doubled my number of PA shadowing hours from last year to this year(~45 hours to ~105 hours). Here are my stats from last year (I doubt the two 4.0’s raised my GPAs that much): Double-degree - B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology Overall GPA: 3.34 GPA: 3.17 GRE: V – 158, Q – 156, W – 4.5 I asked for feedback from the schools who rejected me last year, and the biggest issue they mentioned was my low number of clinical experience hours. Some also mentioned my grades being on the lower end of the competitive range, but that increasing my patient care hours would help offset this for next cycle. Going back and reading my last year’s essay, I realized it just really wasn’t that good (lots of fluff and big words without truly explaining my motivations for wanting to be a PA). It should be noted that I DID discuss my ADHD in it last year. This year, I wrote a completely new personal statement and am very proud of the piece I have come up with. I have had multiple peers, coworkers, and PAs (that I’ve shadowed) give me feedback on it during the drafting process. They all praised the final product. I chose to still disclose my ADHD in this year’s essay, but I did so much more concisely, while also explaining how it plays a huge part in why I want to go into medicine and how it has shaped my goals as a future PA. I was planning in turning my application in tonight, but then my uncle who is an MD called me and strongly urged me to hold off. He said I needed to remove the part about ADHD as it is a red flag and automatic deal breaker for admission committees. (I am very frustrated he waited until an hour before he knew I was planning on turning in my app to share this concern with me, but that is a rant for another post). I get where he’s coming from, but being surmounting my challenges with ADHD is a huge part of my story and has played a significant role in my personal growth, and I honesty don't know how I could answer the prompt without including it. While having to deal with ADHD was not an ideal experience, I am not ashamed by it. My gut tells me I should keep it in my essay, but at the same time I don’t want to be foolish and not consider my uncle’s advice. Does anyone who has served on PA school admission committees or who has been in a similar situation have any advice on this? I would be willing to PM my essay to you if you felt like it would help you better understand my situation and the type of applicant I am. Any insight offered would be SO appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
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