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  1. Undergrad Ed School: University of Washington Major: B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology CASPA Cum. Undergraduate GPA: 3.44 CASPA Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.34 CASPA Post-Baccalaureate Overall GPA: 4.0 CASPA Post-Baccalaureate Overall GPA: 4.0 Age: 25 GRE: Quantitative - 156 (64th percentile) Verbal - 158 (79th percentile) Writing - 4.0 (56th percentile) Patient Care Experience: ~2,500 as a CNA at a hospital Volunteering: ~1,000 hours (counselor at UW Camp Kesem, volunteered at Group Health, UW Freshmen Interest Group (FIG) leader, volunteering at random events with my soror
  2. Received an email yesterday inviting me to the Group B interview on 1/15!! I'm SO excited!! Can't wait to meet everyone there :)
  3. UPDATE: Thank you guys for all of the feedback and encouragement. I ended up discussing my ADHD in my personal statement, and even included my unique/out of the box thinking style (that results from having ADHD) as "something I could contribute to my future class" in one of my supplemental application essays. I'm very excited to say that I have been accepted to both the University of Colorado and MEDEX Northwest :) If anyone is in a similar situation and wants advice or input, please, please feel free to direct message me.
  4. AHHHH I JUST GOT THE CALL!! I'm in!!!!! :D :D :D
  5. I didn't receive a rejection letter yesterday, but I also haven't received an interview invite. I'm so confused...
  6. I just got an interview invite for October 29th!!!! SO excited!! Anyone else interviewing that day?
  7. Just received an interview invitation for October 20th!! I'm so excited!! Just waiting to RSVP until I get the official okay from my boss to take that Monday/Tuesday off work. Anyone else invited to interview that day?
  8. @paadmissions - I just discovered a typo in one of the supplemental essays I already submitted: I mistakenly wrote "lead" instead of "led." In your opinion, should I correct the mistake and then email the revised version to the school? Or would that just draw unnecessary attention to my typo? I've been given conflicting advice on what to do. I feel so silly. I am normally a scrupulous editor when it comes to my writing. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @laur_ek thank you so much for sharing. That is extremely helpful! Gotta love Google.
  10. How long were each of your guys' responses to the supplemental questions (on CASPA)? I saw that the limit was 5,000 characters. For the majority of the questions though, I feel like anything close to a 5,000 character response would be an overkill. But at the same time, I don't want to submit a shorter response if they were looking for something longer.
  11. I desperately need advice on whether or not to discuss my ADHD diagnosis in my personal statement. Here’s my situation (I apologize for the length)… I was diagnosed with ADHD during my junior year of college. A period of sub-par grades (not terrible, but not at all representative of how hard I worked or how well I knew the material) is what pushed me to seek medical help. Sure enough, my grades improved dramatically as soon as I started taking medication, receiving extra time on tests, and developing more effective studying habits with the help of a counselor. I made the Dean’s lis
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