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  1. Just wanted to say congrats to everyone applying/interviewing! I am a current Duke PA first year and the program is amazing. I was in your shoes last year and I know it can be rough. Just try to hang in there and give it all you got. Good luck!!
  2. You get about a months notice on average. It is all dependent on time and money (just like the previous posters said) but you can also pick and choose the interviews you attend as you start getting acceptances. I got interviews from 9 out of 10 schools I applied to, but only attended 4 and declined 5. I got an acceptance early on in the cycle which was really nice because then I could just compare every new interview invite to the program I was already accepted at. If you are not sure, I would recommend playing it safe and just attending the interview...it is really important to see the s
  3. You can try Physical Therapy Aide...they do not require any kind of formal training or certification usually. This is what I did! Also look into a position in clinical research. As long as it is "hands on" with subjects it should count for most programs. Some Medical Assisting positions also offer on the job training instead of paying for an MA program. It all depends on who is hiring you and what they require. I suggest looking on craigslist for a job in your area!
  4. I agree with above poster....MOST CA schools have rolling admissions actually. I would advise you to visit each program's website and look to see if they have rolling admissions or not. Most have a "final deadline" but you should plan to submit your application well before this deadline. Unless the school specifically states that they will not review your app until that deadline. Hope that helps!
  5. Hello, July is not too late, considering that your PA programs general deadlines are in fall sometime and they are on rolling admissions. It generally takes about a year to apply (start applications in summer, don't start until the following summer/fall). Some programs start in January, in which case everything is bumped up a bit. It takes a while to complete CASPA, supplemental applications, wait for interviews, attend interviews, and then get notified of acceptances. Then, you have to wait several months usually before you start. Personally, I submitted my CASPA early June, attended
  6. That is a tough one...sorry to hear that! In this case, I would try to find another professor to write one. You still have time to request it and have them write it as soon as possible. If that is not an option, you will just have to wait until August when your professor gets back. You are either compromising time (how early you would send in your application) or quality of your academic letter...and I think it is more important to have a good quality letter from a professor. Unless your programs specifically do not require a letter from a professor (which I think most do) then you can't submi
  7. I don't know...personally if I was looking at your references I would go with something more recent. Although references never expire, I feel like your main 3 references should be as current as possible. You might consider using your RD letter as a 4th "additional" letter since you know it would be strong and they can speak to your character. Some schools require 3 letters but allow you to send additional letters if you want. You can use your RD letter for those programs perhaps...just my opinion!
  8. If school A's application cycle opens with CASPA, I would suggest submitting your CASPA with School A listed as soon as you can. Then, when December 2015 hits and School B opens its application cycle, you can go back onto CASPA and ADD school B to your list of schools you are applying to. You will have to pay the fee for the additional school, but CASPA will then send out your application to school B. You cannot edit it or add any information, only add the program....so make sure you have everything you need to submit to school B when you submit your CASPA for School A. Hope that helps!
  9. When I submitted my CASPA last year, I included 2 MDs I shadowed along with the PAs. I think it is important to show because it demonstrates a better understanding of healthcare as a whole. While I shadowed the MDs, I was able to observe the relationship between the MD and their PA contributing in part to my decision to become a PA.
  10. I know it is not fun, but this happened to me with physio. At my undergraduate university, lab was a separate class. I only took physio without the lab at my university. Before I applied to PA school, I retook physio with physio lab (all one class) at a community college and got an A. Just to be on the safe side I decided to retake the whole thing. It is the longer route but I wanted to play it safe. Hope that helps!
  11. I needed a bit more time to study as I work two part time jobs and was taking a class while studying. I studied a little bit everyday for 2 months. I used the Kaplan revised GRE book and the Kaplan 500 vocab flashcards. I also bought the ETS GRE book, but only really used it for the practice tests. After I got through the Kaplan book, I took every practice test in the books and free online tests I could find. Hope that helps, good luck!!
  12. I created my own blog as well! I agree they were so helpful to me when I applied, that I thought I would create my own with some tips I learned going through the application process. Check it out here: paadmissionhelp.blogspot.com
  13. I agree. Honestly, I think it is not about your age but more about the amount of experience you have. If waiting to apply will ensure many more hours and more experiences I think it would be a good idea to wait. That way you have more options of schools to apply to, and you are not limited by your patient care hours. The reason why the average applicant age tends to be around 27, is because these are the people who tend to have more experience. Filling out apps/CASPA is a lot of work for only one or two programs. You can definitely do that, but if you wait a year and can add more schools
  14. I agree with kdgraham39...they did not ask me anything about my supplemental directly. Most of the questions were behavioral and about my past experiences and involvements. They really want to get to know you further...what they can't already tell based on your applications. There is also a group interview which basically tests how you can work in a group. Other than that everyone was very nice and welcoming. They make sure to get your questions answered and want you to feel like you get a really good idea of what the program is like. Good luck!
  15. It is the one that took me the longest:D But the main essay was describing an experience of personal significance...and how it helped you to grow as a person. There were some optional questions like explaining any gaps in employment or education and if your academics reflect your abilities. Does that help?? In my interview, they did not directly ask me about my supplemental application but it would be a good idea to review it. Good luck!
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