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  1. Props to you for defining your goals and altering your GPA to reach them! I agree with SHU-CH. I would also add that many programs give preference to early applicants, and the CASPA opened in April. So, with your academic history, if you're going to apply this cycle I would do so ASAP, or consider applying next year while continuing to grow your patient care hours and perhaps retaking some pre-reqs and bringing those prior grades up!
  2. A PA is trained as a doctor is trained, just in a more condensed (and rigorous) time period. In fact, at one of my PA school interviews a faculty member told us, "You're going to hate the medical students, they'll be out partying on the weekends while you study the same material, they just won't have to learn it as fast!" Because this is who I will be working in a team with, being trained with the same mindset as a doctor was important to me. Further, having to have the same pre-requisite courses to be a doctor, versus the pre-reqs to be a nurse, was important to me. These courses (O-chem, biochem, etc) require you to learn and think critically on a different level than nursing pre-reqs. I know we may never use this knowledge again, but to me, it sets PAs and doctor's apart. Additionally, it's alarming to me that many nurse practitioner degrees can be earned online. Another huge reason for me is that PAs graduate as general practitioners, skilled to practice in any specialty, while NP's must select a specialty. Disclaimer: I know many fantastic, awesome NP's and nurses, and I admire each of them! We are all a team, and our common goal is for the good of the patient. These are just a few of my reasons for choosing the PA route.
  3. Hey guys! I'm part of the class of 2018, starting this amazing program in July. I just wanted to post (because I wish someone would have for me last year) and let you know that I applied within a couple of days of CASPA opening and received one of the first interview invitations in mid-July for their first interview held in September. This can always fluctuate and change, but that was the timeline last year. Best of luck to you all!
  4. Hey doglover, While I don't have children and will not be starting UNTHSC's PA program until July (so I can't speak to your specific questions), I will say that I know there are many current students who have been able to balance PA school with children and families, for what that's worth. :)
  5. I just received an interview for December 13th! I will be declining it, however, as I've accepted a spot elsewhere. Hopefully that leaves a spot open for someone else! Good luck everyone.
  6. I was accepted by both UNTHSC and UTMB. I know that both schools have also sent out rejections and wait lists.
  7. Hey guys for all who are accepted the Facebook page is "UNTHSC Physician Assistant Class of 2018"! It's a closed group but still visible for a search!
  8. For everyone who was accepted and who is accepted in the future, I'm going to create a Facebook group for our class! Facebook is requiring me to add members in order to even create the group, so to anyone who is interested, message me your Facebook profile name and I'll get it started! Once it's up and running I'll post the name of the group here so that everyone can find it!
  9. Thank you, AN671! I was in the morning session!
  10. Just got the call...ACCEPTED!!! So so happy!!!
  11. So to the fellow September 20th interviewees (To keep our mind off of the wait!! Ack!) was anyone else just blown away by the hospitality and genuineness of the program/faculty/students? To those with upcoming interviews, prepare to be amazed. I was truly impressed by every aspect of the program!
  12. For those who are all asking what the interview experience was like and what we were asked, the reason that you aren't seeing people post about it is because the department asks all who interview to keep their experiences (questions/answers/etc) confidential! In fact, they read these message boards to ensure that interviewees are following through with that request. I interviewed August 28 and was accepted the next week, and I will say that something that REALLY helped me prepare for my UTMB interview and subsequent interviews was the book "How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview" by Andrew Rodican. It was worth the investment! Good luck, everyone!
  13. I received an email asking me to call the admissions department at my earliest convenience, then when I called they extended me an invitation!
  14. For any UNTHSC PA alumni or current students, can you share what you like most about UNT? What made you choose the program and what makes (or doesn't make) you think it is an exceptionally good/enjoyable program and should be a top choice for future PA students? Thank you so much! Note: I posted this on the UNT board but wanted to share here in case any of you don't actively read the pre-PA boards!
  15. Thank you everyone, and congrats to the others who got accepted and those who received interviews! Be yourself, be relaxed, and ask questions. Also, if you're booking a hotel there are a few nearby the university that offer discounts to UTMB interviewees so look those up! Good luck!
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