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  1. Thank you for your pointers. Yes, I am very conservative as I have done few already. Some courses I have looked at said that I have to bring my own supplies and some they provide. None of them mentioned bringing my own patient as they have models, but will look more closely into that. I have also contacted our rep who should really help in this matter. Again, thank you :)
  2. Thank you bluerose84. Yes, I do have a mentor who is very busy. He has shown me few times and already expects me to know it by showing it to me once. I feel like I need more "hands on experience." I know most of these courses have models where I can practice on. There are so many, so I just wanted to know which are the best ones from others who have attended them. Again, thanks so much for the info.
  3. Hello all, I am currently working for a facial plastic surgeon and need to learn botox/filler injections. He has been teaching me and tells me he will teach me everything he knows, however, I feel like I need to take a certification course. Do any of you ever been to a botox//filler course that you would recommend? Please advise
  4. Thanks wutthechris... Yes, I know, but wanted to take a poll to show this new doc that we are not idiots and don't need anyone breathing down our necks! Taking a poll would prove my point :)
  5. Hello all, Just wanted to take a poll of how many of you actually get "supervised" by your supervising physician? How many of you practice without physician in the office? Do your supervising physician signs of everything you do? My employer just hired a new MD from out of country and had a heated debate about role of PAs ( obviously he has no clue about what we do or can do). I work very independently and my supervising physician is sometimes at a different clinic. He maybe signs off 5% of my work. He is very confident in me, unlike this new M.D. Trying to educate him, but its so frustrating.... He thinks we need to be babysat and have all of our work signed by our supervising physician... Arrggghhhh!!!!! Thanks
  6. I agree with Paula. Also, commute can be an issue after few months of working there. I had similar situation where I had to commute about an hour each way, that lasted 6 months before I found a job closer by. Good luck!
  7. Since 30 hrs/week is considered part-time, vacations/holidays are not paid :( I have had exposure to surgery in the past and like it. ENT is something totally different, but this is more of a procedural position, which I like :) I think this position has a lot of opportunities for growth, which is intriguing. Thank you for your comments. It is comforting to hear what you're thinking, from someone else.
  8. Hello everyone, I just got a job offer working with otolaryngologist who is also a cosmetic surgeon. 75% cases will be ENT related and 25% cosmetic. This is completely new as I am currently in rehab medicine. Since I have little kids I needed a part-time position (30 hours/week). THis practice is about 1 year old and I am their new and only PA. Physician wants me to be extension of him and very independent...wants me to run the ENT department for him....So here it is.... $58/hour for minimum of 30 hours/week ( they are willing to work with me regarding days to cooperate with my nanny :) ) CME allowence....don't know how much yet, but if it is ENT related only license renewal/DME renewal paid Don't need health benefits---have it through my spouse 401K not offered yet, new practice Bonus productivity--not yet, they asked me to help them grow and will re-visit this in the future Malpractice covered--shared limits 1/3 million with no tail Advice, comments..... much appreciated :)
  9. I understand it's important to get your own liability insurance, but can't afford it right now :( So I'm trying to figure out which one would be the best
  10. Don't know their cost. It is for a physician who is otolaryngologist and cosmetic surgeon. 75% I will be doing sinus surgeries and 25% cosmetic (lipo, facelifts, etc). I did get some quotes to see if I can purchase my own liability insurance, but because there is some cosmetic work the insurance goes up to about ~8K a year!!
  11. Hello everyone. I am looking to switch jobs and a new job sent me an application for malpractice coverage. It is claims made coverage. I don't know anything about malpractice insurance (shame on me) but under limits of liability it gives me 3 options to choose....shared limits, separate limits, or same as employer... To get the best insurance...shouldn't I choose same as employer??? thanks
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