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  1. I know my school starts us on something along the lines of PA easy, might be that or Hippo...I'm going to inquire about when we actually start with it tomorrow. I'll look into the package deals too because I'm sure people will be willing to throw in on it. But yes you've helped. Just wish there were more resources like that at better prices. Thanks!
  2. I've changed it a bit to less cards, more outlining and connecting...and I've really found practice questions to help which is why I'd really like to find some kind of practice resource.
  3. Hello! long time lurker, first time poster. Recently I've made a change to my study methods (especially in Clin Med), and I've begun to add a lot more review questions to my studies. I've found that I've gotten burnt out on my go to method of study which is grinding out thousands of note cards (no joke term 1 about 4000 and term 2 about double that). Recently I've found it more engaging and successful to cut down the amount of cards and practice as many different types of questions as possible...I've found that the concepts seem to stick much better that way. The biggest problem I've run into now is a lack of module specific questions. I've got a couple of the review books (Lange and Van Rhee) and have found a decent amount of questions on the internet, but I was wondering if there were any services out there that could provide a module specific question environment. I'm aware of "PA Easy" b/c I used "Rad Review Easy" as an xray student...This would likely be perfect for me minus the huge price take and limited subscription options. Does anyone know of any other question based study tools that might be out there that are Clin Med module specific as well as "affordable" for non-PANCE study? any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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