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  1. I heard a few weeks ago that they had filled 40/50 spots. I haven't received any info from the program since my acceptance in october though, so i'm not sure about orientation.
  2. Anyone else accepted to the upcoming class?
  3. Undergrad Ed School: Miami University (OH) Major: Psychology, BA Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.82 Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.98 Age at application time: 23 GRE: 155 V (53%), 149 Q (72%), 4.0 Writing (54%) Taken April 2014 Application Submitted Date: Late May 2014 Direct Patient Care Experience (type & hours): 1. Mental Health Specialist - Children's Hospital 750 Hours 2. Clinical Assistant- Emergency Room 100 hours at time of app Health Care Shadowing: ER PA - 50+ hours Psych PA - 10 hours Ortho PA - 12 hours ER MD - 12 hours Research Experience: None Community Service: 250+ hours in missions work Extracurricular Activities/Awards: D1 Varsity Athlete - 4 year letterman, Captain University student org president Schools Applied: ~5 Ohio Dominican U, Trevecca, Univ of Tennessee, Barry U St Pete, UTSW Interview Invites: ODU, UT, Barry Withdrew: Trevecca (didn't hear anything as of 11/24, so withdrew app) Denied: UT, UTSW Waitlisted: N/A Accepted: Barry U St Pete, ODU Attending: ODU! Attempt: 1st
  4. Thanks! It is very laid back - the director sat with us and discussed the program and addressed questions for about an hour, took a tour of the facilities and then had the two one on one interviews. Questions were fairly straight forward, nothing to worry about. Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the program and staff, they all seem very knowledgeable, transparent, and want nothing more than for ALL of their students to succeed. They realize it is a huge investment for us, and they seem to be doing everything in their power to provide the best resources for us to pass the PANCE and become good providers. Ultimately my decision came down to the fact that I trust this program with my education more than others. Best of luck!
  5. Here is the link to the fb group for accepted students - https://www.facebook.com/groups/539743929462409/
  6. yes, interviewed on october 8th and got an acceptance email on the 17th!
  7. Anyone else get in here yet? Sending in my deposit tomorrow!
  8. here is the link to the fb group for St Pete campus if anyone else had trouble searching it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1489546351299439/
  9. Does anyone know if they have/will create a Facebook page for the new class at St Pete?
  10. I got into St Pete!!!!!!! Received the email today at 1:30 after interviewing last Friday. On cloud 9!
  11. Wow that's really disappointing. I hate that every school is so different - makes it hard when you have to make a decision about a program without hearing back from the others. Fortunately the other 4 schools I've applied to have already begun the interview process, so I will likely withdrawal from Trevecca if I get an offer from any of them solely because of the timeline. Bummer. Thanks for the info!
  12. Received an interview invite for October 8th! Invite was sent out on Thurs, Sept 18th!
  13. @arosswoods they are on a rolling admissions system, so possibly, but I know they usually interview some groups as late as January if they don't fill up before then. If you just got your app in, I wouldn't expect to hear back until their later interview dates. This is all assuming the process hasn't changed from previous years (see threads on prior admission cycles).
  14. @arosswoods - they have not, it looks like last year they sent out first round on Sept 20th, so should be soon hopefully!
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