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  1. Just found out I was placed on the alternate list. A little bummed, I thought my interview went great!
  2. So far only like 4-5 accepted. There is delay this week with the interviews from 20,24 because a professor was out of town. Normally you find out within a week. From what I've heard they are wait listing and denying a lot of students. I interviewed on the 24th so I should know by next week
  3. There are quite a few. I know you can pick the days after you get the email for an invitation
  4. Since some have already interviewed, can someone make a FB page so we can keep in touch and meet before classes start in June? We can also help the others who are relocating ( I was a Real Estate agent) have some experience there. I live locally and I will be interviewing next Friday :) maybe naming it Nova Southeastern Ft. Myers PA class 2017 and post the link here.
  5. Its on their website,. You can download the incoming class schedule on the brochure
  6. Good Luck everyone! Has anyone heard anything from the people that interviewed this week?
  7. I'm sure you can call. I do not know if they have a portal to check statuses.
  8. Can you all update when you have your interviews! Would Noone to hear what it's like this year.
  9. Is this anyone's first choice? BTW the supp has demographics, questions and essay from what I remember.
  10. I will be interviewing October 24th! Look forward to meeting you all!
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