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  1. Just found out I was placed on the alternate list. A little bummed, I thought my interview went great!
  2. So far only like 4-5 accepted. There is delay this week with the interviews from 20,24 because a professor was out of town. Normally you find out within a week. From what I've heard they are wait listing and denying a lot of students. I interviewed on the 24th so I should know by next week
  3. There are quite a few. I know you can pick the days after you get the email for an invitation
  4. Since some have already interviewed, can someone make a FB page so we can keep in touch and meet before classes start in June? We can also help the others who are relocating ( I was a Real Estate agent) have some experience there. I live locally and I will be interviewing next Friday :) maybe naming it Nova Southeastern Ft. Myers PA class 2017 and post the link here.
  5. Its on their website,. You can download the incoming class schedule on the brochure
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