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  1. Thanks for the reply! PTO will increase by 1 day each year after 2 years maxing at 18/year. (3=13, 4=14, etc...) Great question about taking time off when the doc is out. Per the offer, I will work with other physicians at the practice PRN as this occurs. I will ask if this counts towards my PTO. He mentioned at the interview that he likes to do presentations/cadaver labs and that I would be included if I choose (and financially compensated as well). The extra $ is for ER call only.
  2. (New username to preserve confidentiality) I am a new grad and received my first job offer in the Southeast for ortho (spine). I will work directly with my physician who is part of a larger group in a private practice. The essentials of the offer: Salary: $84,000 Hours: Two days/ week in the OR. Two days/ week in the office (8-5:30). 1.5 Fridays per month in the office. Bonus: Eligible after 6 months. Based on my revenue, salary, and practice overhead. No specifics included. PTO: 12 days per year, 7 holidays, no mention of sick days CME: $2500 and 5 days paid Fees: PA license fees, DEA, national and state PA professional membership fees covered Insurance: Covered under practice policy ($1M/ occurrence, $3M aggregate) Health insurance: Eligible after 90 days 401K: Eligible after 90 days. Practice to match 4%, 100% vested upon entry. Profit sharing: Eligible after 1 year. 20% vested per year Call: One week per 7. $50 cell phone coverage. Not to start until SP and I are comfortable doing so (mentioned 6 months). ER call: First call 6-9 days per month. $100 per on call day. General ortho call, NO spine call (covered by neuro). Again likely to start after 6 months. The office would like me to shadow with the Doctor and other PAs in the office until I am fully licensed/credentialed. To be paid at my "hourly rate." I do realize the base salary is lower than average. The SP is new (~2 years post-fellowship) and is looking for a PA to grow his practice with him. We discussed this growth and salary reflection based on this (will get in writing). Essentially, this is the exact job I am looking for (did spine surg, UE ortho surg, and neuro rotations). This could be clouding my judgment; therefore, I am asking for help noticing anything out of the ordinary or things I need to inquire about. Any red flags/things I need to ask? Thank you!
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